Poor Edwardian Assessment


Illamasqua Matte Primer – Buffed into cleansed and tones skin
MAC face and body C1 – apply lightly all over face and blend onto neck and ears
15 Concealer Palette – Subtly apply under eyes and conceal imperfections
MAC Blusher (Cubic) – Apply onto the apples of the cheeks in circular motion
Illamasqua Translucent Powder – Press onto skin using powder puff

MAC eye shadows:
Orb  – Dust lightly over lid with blending brush
Concrete –Lightly define eyebrows
Virgin Vie eyeshade (beige) – Apply to the eye crease to bring out the eyes.
Mac gel liner (Black track)- Apply thin line onto upper lash line.
Maybelline mascara (brown)  – Apply to upper and lower lashes to define lashes

Body shop lipstick (15) – apply to the lips to give a rouged effect


Poor Edwardian Assessment Evaluation

From my research I had realised I had to create a no make-up look for TV and film so the make-up barely visible on the skin as this would be picked up on camera especially in HD. I felt confident when beginning this assessment as I had previously created a none make-up look before however I had a minor setback with the products I intended to use which should have been solved during a practice run however I had not managed my time well enough to fit in trial run for this look.

Initially I was going to use MAC face and body as the base as it provides a very light base which would be ideal for a no make-up look as the product is barely visible on the skin when applied correctly.  However after I had applied a match test on my models face it was clear that this product was going to be far too dark for the desired look.  I then had to think quickly and substitute my product to get a better look which consisted of a paler base however the foundation (L’Oreal True match – fair) was a lot heavier and harder to work with as it was more visible on the skins surface which would be a distraction to the viewers if noticed on screen. Other than the base I was extremely pleased with the look.


For the hair I wanted to create a slicked back style that looked like it took little effort as poor Edwardians would not necessarily take pride in their hair as it would have be pulled back off the face for easiness.
I first pulled all the hair back into a ponytail and tried to create a chignon however the hair was too soft and kept slipping out of shape and layers were slightly shorted and started to poke out of the bun making it look a little too messy. To overcome this issue I backcombed the ponytail to get a little more texture in the hair to make it more manageable. I then had to ensure there was no fly away hairs visible by using a smoothing brush and plenty of hair spray.

Costume:For the character I created I wanted to have a poor Edwardian maid outfit which was luckily in the costume cupboard of the college. I felt this costume finished the look of nicely.

The feedback I got was relatively good however I need to work on making the base practically invisible to the eye as it would be easily picked up on camera. To do this it was advised that I worked the product into the skin a little more to try and buff away the excess. If I was to do this assessment again I would like to purchase face and body in a paler shade as it is the perfect consistency for a no make-up look it was just a shame the shade I had was too dark for my models skin tone.


Thank you to my gorgeous model Hannah!

And thank you for reading! 

Katy x


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