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Hi everyone!! So sorry I have not been posting much this week I’ve had such a busy week with a work experience placement, for more information on what I’ve been up to this week just click on the following link to view my last post:

Okay then so, I just thought I would show you a sneak peek from a photo-shoot from last week! I haven’t got the professional edits back yet but here are just some images I had taken myself before we entered the shoot. Enjoy!

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The shoot was with the fantastic Emily Bailey (ENB Photography) She’s extremely talented and was a pleasure to work with!  To see her work just click the following link to view her Facebook page:

Overall the shoot ran smoothly as I was able to get the lovely Ruthie Holland (Model) ready with time to spear. The look consisted of a large black hair piece combined with a strong contoured face, striking dark smokey eyes and a deep red ombre effect lip. The neck piece I had made previously from wire and bonded fibers among other random materials. I’m really pleased with the look and can’t wait to see the final images!

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Work Experience In The Film Industry!

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news to share with you guys!

I have been offered a really exciting work experience placement in Leeds for a total of  5 days. They are currently filming ‘Urban and the shed crew’ a movie based of the book by Bernard Hare:

isbn9780340837351-detailI have already purchased the book as part of my research and I’m really enjoying what little I have read! I have already completed my first day and I am really excited about returning to complete a further 4 days as a make-up assistant. I was unfortunately unable to take an photos on set however to view more information about the project go ahead and like their page on Facebook:

OR visit the website:

My job roles included:

  • Making hot beverages.
  • Maintaining the sink area ensuring it is clean and tidy at all times
  • Cleaning used brushes
  • Keeping the surfaces clear and sterilised.
  • Take, print and possibly label continuity pictures.
  • Ensure the camera is fully charged and taken to set.
  • Carry set bags to and from set

What have I learned so far:

  • How to take accurate continuity pictures
  • The importance of time management
  • The importance of a set bag and its content
  • The importance of slip and call sheets
  • On set etiquette
  • When is it appropriate for make-up artists to step on set for final touches

Overall it has been an amazing experience so far and I am really excited to return and learn more.

Katy x


Vanity Themed Shoot

Hi guys! I have images to share with you. Unfortunately these images are the best quality as these are just some quick snaps from the day.

The shoot was based around once of the seven deadly sins – Vanity.  We decided to go for a really heavy make-up look with extravagant hair to highlight the fact that she is highly interested in her appearance. Overall I really pleased with the look!
I would like to say a big thank you to the lovely Sharna Leigh for modeling and Katie Johnston for shooting!
Here are the images hope you enjoy:

10173298_10203563012779726_1514252566_n 10248804_10203563013019732_1940783445_n 10248852_10203563012619722_2144544062_nThanks for visiting!

Katy x


We Heart Leeds Fashion Show 2013

Hi guys! Thought I would do a little update on some work experience I have been doing recently.. here goes!

At the beginning of the month myself and a few other students from the class were asked to take part in a fashion show in central Leeds. The ‘We Heart Leeds’ is a charity fashion show took place on the 8th of November to raise money for  ‘The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund’. It was a great event and had a really good turnout, the place was packed! Although we were not asked to attend a meeting before the fashion show to get a briefing we were still all pretty organised as there was a head make-up artist there to explain the theme for the show.

2013-11-08 19.44.43 2013-11-08 17.26.58

We were all asked to do the same look as this was in keeping with all the different collections. We were asked to create a smoky eye with a hint of blue in the centre of the lid. For the lips we used deep red shades to create a dramatic overall look. For the base I used a matte Illamasqua primer and MAC face and body to give a natural finish, I also powdered the models face to fix the make-up and prevent any unwanted shine under the stage lighting. After we had completed all the models make-ups we stayed to view the show, which was great as some of the clothes were beautiful!

Here are some images from some of the models we worked on. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Gina Cawley Photography for taking some brilliant snaps of the models! For more of her work be sure to like her page on facebook..

553200_453877594721183_1599245456_n 1395236_453875964721346_47579932_n 1451986_453877008054575_489307501_n 1455096_453876884721254_1658901544_n 1455925_453876621387947_788259260_n 1467215_453876871387922_79734711_n 1468631_453876984721244_1556003336_n

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Evaluation / Reflection:
When arriving at the venue we were all directed upstairs to an empty hall which had very poor lighting so we had to make sure that we sat the models in the best possible lighting which was difficult! However I was really pleased with all the make-up looks I did on the day I just wish we would have had some natural light or just better light in general as it would have made sure a huge difference. Overall it was a really good night for a great charity!

Urban Angels Fashion Show 2013

At the end of last month myself and few class members volunteered to help out a local church in the area. Every year the life church in Bradford put together a charity fashion to showcase donated clothing from the church goers. The money raised through the second hand clothing, ticket and raffle ticket sales all go towards helping out five different charities. For more information about the event here is the link to their website..

charitys for urban(Image source –

We first arrived at the church a few days early for a meeting with the organisers to get to grips with the brief so we could be fully prepared for the show. The organisers of the fashion show had already put together a mood board which really helped us all decide on make-up looks as a team. After we had discussed the make-up we then were taken into the main room where it was all going to take place. We were all shocked at how huge the stage was! The models were just about to have a dress rehearsal and we were welcome to stay to watch. This was really great as we were able to see what they’re skins looked like under the stage lighting giving is a heads up. Here is a few snaps of the rehearsal..


On the day we were slit up into groups to help split up the work load. Me and Bex were asked to take care of the models who were in the green scene which we were thrilled about as the outfits were really strong and we got to work on some fantastic faces. The general theme of this scene was all about the colour green so we were asked to create a sultry smoky eye with a bright red lip. We also were asked to apply large gems to the corners of the eyes as this would really stand out and sparkle on the run way. It was a little rushed at times back stage as everyone had to be ready by 7pm for the show starting at 8pm  but we all manage to get everyone’s make-up finished in time which was a relief! my and Bex had completed out assigned models make-up so we helped out by doing a couple of bright themed make-up for a few of the dancers too.  Here is some images of the make-up looks I done on the day. These were just taken on my camera phone so I apologise for the poor quality I’ll upload some better ones soon.

lllll2013-10-25 17.44-horz

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Evaluation / Reflection:
Overall I felt the day ran really smoothly. We got everyone ready in time for the show and managed to take a few quick photos for our portfolio. Although this is not the type of make-up I enjoy doing I really enjoyed it, the models were lovely and so were the organisers of the event. I’ve already said I’ll help out again next year if they’ll have me that is! At first I was really nervous about doing this work experience as I have never done a fashion show before but once I knew what I was meant to be doing I was able to get into it and enjoy it. This was also the first time I have worked on darker skins so I was really proud of myself for not shying away from something I wasn’t particularly confident in doing. Overall I am extremely pleased I took part in this event as it was a fantastic evening that raised a lot of money for some amazing charities.

70’s Disco Frogs – College Production (Work Experience)

Recently a few class members and I offered to help out with Bradford College Drama production. We were all put into groups and assigned different characters which we then had to create a theater style make-up in-keeping with that particular character. Myself Tracy Reed and Hannah Todhunter were in charge of the 70’s Disco Frogs in the production on opening night. The make-up was quite simplistic as the art department of Bradford College had already made some amazing ‘froggy’ masks for the cast to wear.
As team leader I took a visit to the art department to take photos of the casts costume before designing the body paint. Gina (one of the creative directors of the play) asked us to create a small but bold frog skin pattern down the arms down each arm as they are likely to be seen on stage due to the costumes and the dance routines.
To save time I decided to create my own stencil for myself and Tracy to use on the frog cast members, I also left the stencil behind for classmates to use the following night for the next production as it was really helpful.

imagesImage source – (

Before creating the stencil I carried out some research into how I was going to create a ‘froggy’ skin detail which could be easily transferred onto the skin. Once I had found a realistic looking pattern I then roughly drew it onto a sheet of thick acetate using a permanent marker. I then used a craft knife and cutting matte (to prevent damage to and surfaces) to cut out the spots to leave me with a reusable stencil.
Before the production I had experimented with different paints and products to come across the ideal coverage for that perfect ‘froggy’ green colour. I found that Snazaroo face paint worked perfectly, Also after researching the product I had found it was hypoallergenic and quite affordable to buy in bulk.


For the final design we decided on using both yellow and green Snazaroo paint for the base to allow the stencil to show better on stage. The yellow gives a better contrast against the darker green paint which we stippled over the stencil to create the spots. Overall we were both extremely happy with the make-up however we could have done with a little more time do apply it as we were a little pushed for time towards the end, but me and Tracy and Hannah worked really well as a team and got the job done in the end! Make sure to check out their blogs..

Tracy Reed –
Hannah Todhunter –

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Katy x

Halloween Work Experience at The Crafty Workshop

During the Halloween weekend I advertised to do face painting and makeup during the day at my local craft shop The Crafty Workshop where I have worked for over 5 years. I was surprised with the turn out as I was busy all day and even had a queue! I was chuffed to bits!

My camera battery died half way through the day so I only managed to take a few snaps of a couple of looks sadly.. but here is the images for you to have a look at anyways!  If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!


Katie came in and explained that she was going to a fancy dress Halloween party dresses as ‘Little Dead Riding Hood’ and wanted to look scary as apposed to the typical pretty little red riding hood. So I used Kryolan grease paints  to give her that dead looking skin tone. I also used darker coloured grease paints to contour and hollow out her facial features and collar bone. I also created some liquid latex wounds which I filled with cotton wool, wound filler and red bruise gel.


Half skull face paints were also really popular which I was pleased about as I enjoy doing them as I think they look really effective. Again I used Kryolan grease paints however I also introduced Snazaroo face paints along with a black Virgin V pigment.


Lee was attending a ghost walk later on with the local Cubs and Scouts group and want to jump out and scare the kids during the ghost hunt so, we decided to turn him into a Flesh eating zombie! For this again I used Snazaroo face paints, Kryolan grease paints and black pigment powders.

Yorkshire ScareGrounds


(Source of image –

Last October myself a few other class mates volunteered to do some work for an amazing Halloween event called Yorkshire Scare Grounds by FearMasters Entertainment. We were contacted through college to ask if we would like to be a part of this amazing event and we jumped at the chance! Once we arrived at the scare grounds we were directed into the make-up trailer to start working on the zombie’s that would be terrifying the zombie hunters that would be attending the event. AS we didn’t have a lot of time to complete each make-up we decided to team up in twos to speed up the process. I was working with Hannah Camsell Parker which was a lot of fun as we worked great together and managed to pull together some really cool zombie looks. Here is some pictures of the zombies we created..




For helping out with the make-up we each got a two free tickets to go walk round the woods to be scared senseless by all the zombies and other terrifying characters involved in the event. I thought I was going to be totally fine and not get too scared but I was soooo wrong! Even though I had just been speaking to the actors in the make-up trailer and knew they were all just normal people in make-up and costumes I still ran like crazy when they emerged from the woods and started chased us!

It was a fantastic night! I’m definitely going to go this year! I wouldn’t miss it!

Thanks for reading!

Katy x