Wet Setting Synthetic Hair pieces (Grecian Theater Assessment)

small grecian hairpiece

The hair piece I am going to wet set is relatively small but is quite long in length. I have never done a wet set on synthetic hair before however it did go quite well which surprised me! Here is how I did it..

wet setting synthetic hair

First I secured the hair piece on a wig block designed to secure wigs on to in order to style them before fitting onto the head. I used four T pins for this hair piece as I wanted to secure it firmly to the block before styling the hair. It is important to count how many T pins you place onto the hair piece as you will need to count them as you remove them to ensure you have removed every single one as you don’t want to apply the hair piece to your models head with the pins still in as I can imaging that would be extremely painful!

wet setting synthetic hair

Once the hair piece was secure I then began brushing out the hair to smooth out the texture of the hair as some parts were wavy from a braid that had been left in the hair previously. I then sprayed the hair with a water bottle to smooth down any fly away hairs.

wet setting synthetic hair

I then sectioned the hair off into inch thick pieces and created a pin curl by wrapping the hair around my fingers and then securing with two hair grips in a cross position. I sprayed each section with a little more water too to insure I get a good curl once the water was dry. I also used drawing pins to secure the curls onto the block to ensure they laid flat and didn’t fall out during the night as this may alter the curl. I then gave the hair one last all over spray with water and left it over the weekend to dry completely.

wet setting synthetic hair

Once I was sure the hair was completely dry I then removed the clips and released the curl and this was the result..

wet setting synthetic hair

I wanted the curls to be a little softer so I decided to brush out the curls to see how it looked. This was the result…

wet setting synthetic hair

Overall I am extremely happy with how the wet set turned out as the curls formed really well. From this experiment I now understand what I need to do in order to get this particular curl in synthetic hair. Although time consuming I think wet setting is a really good way to style synthetic hair as you can’t expose synthetic hair to too much heat as it can melt the hair and can be quite dangerous. This hair piece is now more suitable for my Grecian Theater look.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Katy x


2 thoughts on “Wet Setting Synthetic Hair pieces (Grecian Theater Assessment)

  1. hi i stumbled on your blog through google search i wanted to ask you regarding plasto wax. I want to create a fake nose out of it but i want to use it multiple times (i don’t want to remold). is that possible?

    • Hiii! To be honest with you Yasmin I haven’t reused plasto wax before as I find it picks up hairs and fluff quite easily as its can be quite sticky. Though it is a really good wax as it softens with the warm of your hands so you can manipulate it into shape. Sorry if that is not much help to you 😦 x

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