Bridal Make-up Practice

2013-10-15 13.43.30

For an assessment for media make-up and postiche we have been asked to incorporate a realistic looking false hair piece into a look. I have decided to do a bridal look which will allow me to also practice bridal make-up to add to my portfolio to show to potential clients. For this I will be working on the beautiful Bex. To help me thought this task I have decided to treat Bex as a real paying customer so i intent to go through the process of asking her lots of questions to try and determine what she exactly has in mind for her big day in the future. I thought it would be quite a fun take on the task given.

I asked Bex what sort of look she would like on her wedding day. I also asked her to pick out some reference images so I could get a better idea of what style she likes. I did this for both the hair and make-up to make sure I get the overall look correct.

Rather than asking her ‘what make-up would you like?’ I broke the questions down; ‘What base would you like, a matte finish? A natural finish? Or maybe a dewy skin glowyskin? How much coverage do you like? Are you comfortable wearing false eyelashes? How much make-up do you usually wear? How is your skin recently?’ and so on..  This broke it down into specific aspects I could incorporate into my final design.

As for the base Bex had decided on a natural skin tone that was borderline dewy. So instantly I knew I wanted to use a matte primer combined with MAC face and body as this has quite a natural finish but can be matted down in particular areas such as the centre of the forehead and down the bridge of the nose as I don’t want her skin to look greasy or flash back on pictures.

Bex originally wanted a natural looking eye; however she did like a look of some of the brown smoky eyes I had previously shown her for reference. I wanted to incorporate these together to come up with the correct tones of brown to give the desired depth and definition.

For the lips, Bex liked a slightly rosier lip that didn’t look too overpowering. During the test run I tried a few different colours on her to see which one she liked the best and which one complimented the rest of the make-up.

For this test run I wanted to have a play around with different products to see which suited her skin. The questionnaire I had asked Bex to fill helped me out a lot as I was able to work around her skin type and adjust the products I used.

2013-10-15 13.43.38

Products Used

Once  had cleaned tones and hydrated the skin I applied the following products
Illamasqua matte primer – Buffed gently into the skin
MAC face and body foundation (a mixture of C1 and C5) – I then toughly buffed this into the skin to really push the products into the primer for extra staying power.
Benefit concealer – Applied under the eyes and to anywhere else that needed a little brightening up. I applied this with my ring finger and then blended out with a fluffy brush to ensure an even blend.
15 Concealer Palette – I then used the same method as above to conceal to any other imperfections using the colour corrections theory.

MAC Bronzer – I applied this like a contour pigment to define the facial features using a fluffy angular contouring brush.
No 7 –
I then applied a small amount of this products just above the bronzer nearing the top of the cheekbones to add a bit more colour to the face
Illamasqua Gleam (Aurora) –
I used this product to highlight the tops of the cheekbones by applying it with a medium sized fluffy brush and blending it well into the skin to avoid a streaky look.

Before applying any products to the eye area I made sure to apply a liberal amound of eye cream to hydrate the skin and make them appear fresher. Eye drops will also contribute.
Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer – Apply all over lid with ring finger and blend out all over the lid.
Virgin V Eye shadow (honeysuckle) – Apply all over the lid using a flat fluffy brush to brighten up the appearance of the eye. This also helps blend out the other colours that are added next.
Virgin Vie (Beige) –
Apply into the crease and blend out using a fluffy brush
Virgin Vie (Fawn)– Apply into the outer corner of the crease to define the eye and give it a slightly smokier effect.
MAC Gel Eyeliner (Black Track)
–  I then applied a thin line onto upper lash line and halfway on the outer corner of lower lash line to define the eye.
Curl Lashes
Maybelline Colossal Lash (Black)
– Apply to upper and lower lash lines.
Salon System False lashes (225) – Cut to size and apply to upper lash line to give the eyes more drama

Vaseline –
Apply with ring finger all over lips to ensure they are hydrated. If needed apply a lip scrub to eliminate dry skin which could be detrimental to the final look of the lip.
MAC lip liner (Whirl) – Neatly line and then fill in the lips to create a good base for the lipstick giving it more staying power.
Body shop Lipstick (7) – Use a lip brush to neatly apply the colour all over the lips.

Thanks for reading!
Katy x

Evaluation/ Reflection:
Overall I am very pleased with this look however I have ordered some slightly shimmery eye pigments which I want to test out as Bex’s eyes could do be with being brightened up a little more. We also decided that individual false lashes would be a better option as opposed to strip lashes as they give a much more natural effect. I also want to apply a light lip gloss to freshen up the look making it a little more youthful.


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