1930’s Inspired Hair

1930s hair

For this look I used Babyliss Hot sticks to create a tight curl that I could brush out to get a frizzy 1930’s curl. I will be posting about how to do a full head set of hot sticks next week hopefully!
Once the hot sticks were cool I then brushed out the curl to create a frizzy look. I also backcombed the hair slightly to encourage more frizz into the curl. I then flattened the hair at the roots with a tight toothed comb to give the hair more of a 1930’s shape. I used a strong setting spray and a firm hold hair stray to keep the look in place.

1930's hair

Overall I extremely happy with the look as this is the first time I have attempted a 1930’s look. Sophie’s hair was just the right length for this look as she has shoulder length hair which sprung into a curl quite nicely. If I was to create this look on longer hair I may have to backcomb the hair a little more to get rid of some of the length. From experimenting with hot sticks I now know how to create a tight  curl which is long lasting and easily manipulated with time.

Thanks for reading 🙂

katy x


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