Illamasqua Demo – Mika Johnson

Here is just a short post showing a few image from an Illamasqua demo the class had in January. Mika Johnson part of the Illamasqua key art team was a great demonstrator of the products and was willing to answer the millions of questions we had for him about the industry, his job working for Illamasqua and the products created the innovative cosmetics brand. He gave us loads of new idea’s and really encouraged us to go beyond the expected and push the boundaries of make-up artistry.

I thoroughly enjoyed the demo from Mika, it was incredibly inspiring to watch him play with colour as well as experimenting with different products and use them in ways I would never have thought of.  Here are the image from the demo hope you enjoy!

2013-01-23 13.25.18

2013-01-23 14.12.59

2013-01-23 14.08.41

2013-01-23 14.09.09

Thanks for reading!

Katy x



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