Photoshop Image Editing – Changing Background Colour, Brightening Eyes, Smoothing Skin and Whitening Teeth

Hey! From my last work based learning lesson we were taught some great new editing skills which I thought I’d blog about because I found them extremely useful. I did struggle with this in lesson but I did get there eventually! I made lots of notes throughout lesson but even then I struggled to follow them when I read over them again so forgive me if this isn’t the clearest of tutorials.  If you have any questions just ask and I’ll see if I can be of any help to you. Here we go..

britney bad skin-horz

(Original image source-

First I began by removing any blemished or imperfections on the skin by using the clone and patch tool. This tool is also useful for removing glitter fall out which is common problem. The cloning tool takes part of the picture in which you have chosen and patches over it with that chosen part of the image creating a realistic cover-up of an mistake, spot, wrinkle or stray hair.

britney good skin

To smooth out the skin I then duplicated the layer and applied a Gaussian blur filter. Then duplicated the layer again to darken and then  change the capacity to around 35%. Then I merged the layers and inverted then by pressing control. I next changed the capacity again to around 40%. Finally I used the brush to paint over the flat areas of the skin to add the blur to the image to hide any imperfections such as shine and the texture of the skin. I made sure not to go overboard with the bluring as it can distort the image too much if key features of the face are blurred too much. Once I was totally happy with the look of the skin I then could continue to play around with the image to see what else I could do to improve the image.

I also wanted to brighten the eyes and whiten the teeth ever so slightly for this I used a similar method which also consisted of duplicating layers adding filters inverting them and then painting over the layers to reveal parts of the filter. I also used this method for adding a more pinky toned lip colour.

final images edited

I also made the hair look a lot thicker by using the clone tool which made a huge difference to the image!

original image-horz

To change the background of this image I used a very similar technique however I experimented with the hue and saturation in order to brighten up the background to make the image more appealing. I think this is a great technique to use as it make the woman in the picture stand out as the blue hue in the background is complementary to her ginger hair. I also edited this image using the same methods as above.

I’m so pleased with the result and I think these techniques will help me a lot in the industry for example I will be able to perfect my images for my portfolio. However I do believe using too much Photoshop is an easy option! So I do try to use it little as possible as I feel like I’m cheating a little haha!  Although I have been taught these methods on my course I do think airbrushing images has become a huge problem in the industry as it is creating an impossible polished image of the human body which is near enough impossible to obtain

Thanks for reading!

Katy x


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