Setting Hair – Heated Rollers

hair setting heated rollers kathren elizabeth makeup

First I began by turning on the babyliss heated rollers allowing them to heat up fully  start sectioning the hair. while I. To section the hair I used a tail comb in order to create neat clean lines to make sure I had even sections to work with. For now I sectioned the hair into 6 sections (this may vary due to clients hair type – If hair is thicker more sections will me needed) I began by sectioning the middle top section of the hair and clipped it up out of the way. A good tip when sectioning hair in preparation for rollers is to always keep the size of the roller into consideration as you don’t want a section any bigger then the length of the roller as this will make it difficult to wind the hair around the roller without it going baggy on the edges.

Once I had neatly sectioned my models hair I then began adding the rollers. Once again I took into consideration the size of the roller as I didn’t want to put too much hair in each roller as the heat may not preliterate through all the hair resulting in a messy curl. To prevent this I measured each section according to the width of the roller to make sure it would be placed correctly on the head as the roller must sit directly in the middle of the individual section you have just created.

To prepare the hair for the rollers I used a light setting spray and a generous amount of hair spray before rolling the hair to help the hair stay put to create a solid style. I then rolled each neat section into the different sized rollers securing with a clip. Once all the rollers were in place I then applied another coat of hair spray to keep any fly aways in place.  Once the rollers were cold I could then begin unrolling the curls gently to prevent tangles. And that it! You can then style the curls however you to create your desired style!

5634_10151422281269339_446947712_nFor Ruth’s hair I simply brushed out the curls to and backcombed her roots to create a voluminous updo!

Overall I love using rollers as I think they give the hair that little extra lift at the roots to create bounce curls or a high volume updo. They take a bit of practice to perfect however I think i’m getting better at applying a full hair set as I didn’t have any flat looking curls and the style stayed in place throughout the day. Heated rollers would be perfect for vintage style hair as they provide both volume and curl which can be easy backcombed into a frizzier 1940’s curl or brushed out to give a 1960’s beehive look. The main thing I have learned from practicing heated roller sets is the importance of neat clean sections as it makes life so much easier because you have straight lines to guide you into a nice neat style.

Thanks for reading!

Katy x


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