Cutting and Styling My Hand Knotted Facial Postiche

Hi everyone! I’ve finally finished knotting my moustache facial postiche!! Couldn’t be happier to have finally completed it! Thought I’d run you guys through the next few steps of cutting and styling it. Stay tuned if your interested!

Once the moustache was completely knotted I then removed the block points from the wooden board with pliers. I then used T pins to secure the lace onto a malleable block ready for styling.

2013-11-13 15.44.50I firstly removed some of the length of the knotted hair as it was far too long.  I then began to make angular cuts to gradually shorten the length without leaving a harsh line. Whilst cutting my I kept referring back to my reference images to help me cut it into the desired shape.

2013-11-13 15.37.56I made sure not to cut it too short at this stage because I wanted to use heated appliances to give the hair a little more volume and shape making it more realistic looking. I used small barrelled metal curling tongs that conducted the heat from the tong heater. I found this really difficult at first as I found them really unpredictable. The tongs did not stay at a set heat as they would cool down the more they were left out of the heater. They would also get too hot at times when they had been left in the heater too long. To test the temperature of the tongs before using them I rubbed them on the edge of the lace to see if they caused any singing if they did I would leave them to cool down before using them on my moustache.

2013-11-13 15.44.54I had to keep any Health and safety issues in mind as the tong handles could get extremely hot which would easily burn your hands if handled incorrectly.

1471317_10151987308639339_485308927_nOnce I was happy with the curl and cut of the moustache I was then able to use a small amount of moustache wax to hold the style in place and flatten down any unwanted fly away hairs. Before applying the moustache I cut down the lace down leaving roughly around two bars of lace around the edges.

Then its ready to apply! XD

2013-11-13 15.31.37

Thanks for reading guys! Stay tuned for some images from my postiche final assessment!

Katy x


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