We Heart Leeds Fashion Show 2013

Hi guys! Thought I would do a little update on some work experience I have been doing recently.. here goes!

At the beginning of the month myself and a few other students from the class were asked to take part in a fashion show in central Leeds. The ‘We Heart Leeds’ is a charity fashion show took place on the 8th of November to raise money for  ‘The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund’. It was a great event and had a really good turnout, the place was packed! Although we were not asked to attend a meeting before the fashion show to get a briefing we were still all pretty organised as there was a head make-up artist there to explain the theme for the show.

2013-11-08 19.44.43 2013-11-08 17.26.58

We were all asked to do the same look as this was in keeping with all the different collections. We were asked to create a smoky eye with a hint of blue in the centre of the lid. For the lips we used deep red shades to create a dramatic overall look. For the base I used a matte Illamasqua primer and MAC face and body to give a natural finish, I also powdered the models face to fix the make-up and prevent any unwanted shine under the stage lighting. After we had completed all the models make-ups we stayed to view the show, which was great as some of the clothes were beautiful!

Here are some images from some of the models we worked on. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Gina Cawley Photography for taking some brilliant snaps of the models! For more of her work be sure to like her page on facebook.. https://www.facebook.com/GinaCawleyPhotography

553200_453877594721183_1599245456_n 1395236_453875964721346_47579932_n 1451986_453877008054575_489307501_n 1455096_453876884721254_1658901544_n 1455925_453876621387947_788259260_n 1467215_453876871387922_79734711_n 1468631_453876984721244_1556003336_n

Thanks for reading!

Katy x

Evaluation / Reflection:
When arriving at the venue we were all directed upstairs to an empty hall which had very poor lighting so we had to make sure that we sat the models in the best possible lighting which was difficult! However I was really pleased with all the make-up looks I did on the day I just wish we would have had some natural light or just better light in general as it would have made sure a huge difference. Overall it was a really good night for a great charity!


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