Making Cloaks For Character Assessments

Hellooo! Well I have already posted about my creative hair project so I thought I might as well tell you all how I made the cloak to complete my characters overall look 🙂 So here is the link to my previous post cause you want to have a little look!

Okay so here goes!

I wanted to incorporate a cloak into my design as she spends a lot of time in woodland areas. I want my character to be wearing a typical Grecian style dress however I that would give her away if she was hiding from her prey. I researched into ways I could make a custom fit cape for my character and found many different patterns in which I could follow. I ended up following a DIY YouTube video that directed me though the full process. I am extremely happy with how it turned out and it only cost me £3 pounds to make in total.

I began by gathering my materials. I visited the local fabric shop and bought two meters of fabric which come to £2.40 from the sale section. The fabric was perfect as it was quite heavy and had a crushed velvet style to it which would give it a more luxury effect.

page (2)


I then folded the fabric in half length ways and made a 20” by 17” box from the folder corner and cut it. I then stitched up one of the longer sides to create a hood. I had to make sure it was inside out when I was stitching to make sure I could turn it back on itself to get a neater edge. I then laid the rest of the fabric out and pinned and stitched the hood onto the fabric leaving a 2” overlap of fabric (This would be to thread the ribbon through). I then stitched a tube roughly around 1” thickness which I could thread the ribbon through to act as a draw sting.

2013-12-07 20.26.28

To thread the ribbon I used a small piece of tape and a pencil as this would make it easier to tell where the ribbon is in the tube I had just created. Once I pulled the ribbon all the way through to the other side I was then able to pull the ribbon together tight to make a gathering effect around the collar. I am extremely pleased and proud of how the hooded cloak come together. It didn’t take me as long as expected and looked good of decent quality even though I had no choice but to hand stitch it.


And this is what it looked like!
2013-12-07 23.02.35This is the same pattern just in a different colour.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps,

Katy xx


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