Basic Pattern Making For Postiche

In today’s Postiche lesson we were taught the basics. We started by making a pattern using plastic wrap (cling film) and sticky tape. This was really cheap and easy to do.


First we began by cutting strips of sticky tape in preparation for the next step. We then laid a piece of plastic wrap under the models nose making sure not to obstruct the nostrils. I then asked my model to hold it in place so I was able to place strips of tape over the plastic wrap to strengthen it. This would also help the plastic take the shape of my models face.

2013-10-09 15.41.50

Once I was satisfied with the strength of the plastic I then used a black marker to draw out the shape of my models lips. I also drew on two dots to locate the position of the nostrils. I then roughly drew out a mustache (as this was only a practice, I’d be a bit more precise in future).

2013-10-09 15.43.57

This technique then allows you to cut around your design and use it as a guide when making your prostiche.

2013-10-09 15.57.44

Thats it, its done.  Told you it was easy!
Stay tuned for my next post on making a start on hand knotting hair for a postiche pieces.

Thanks for visiting! 

Katy x

Reflection / Evaluation:
This technique ran smoothly however if I was to do this again I would perhaps use more strips of tape the strengthen the pattern before removing it from my models face. I would have also drawn on the mustache a little neater but as this was just a practice it didn’t matter too much. To get it more symmetrical I could draw one side of the mustache and then fold the pattern in half and copy it to the other side as the cling film is see through.


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