MAC Demonstration

2013-04-23 13.18.35


Today we were lucky enough to get a demonstration for Caroline and Jimmy from MAC. Caroline demonstrated a up to date sun kissed look that we were all really excited about seeing as it was something new to the class. She also experimented with different products and used them in way I would have never imagined. I took advantage of meeting such a successful make-up artist in the industry and asked her a as many questions as I could think of and she happy to answer them.

Attending demonstrations like these have really benefited my learning as I feel inspired by the make-up creations along with the different uses of the products for example Caroline showed the class how to thicken MAC’s face and body to generate a thicker coverage which was something I have always struggled with. She worked the product onto the back of her hand until it become harder to move around and then applied it to the rosier parts of the skin.

This is the finished look:
2013-04-23 13.39.49


Thanks for reading 🙂 

Katy x


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