Wet Setting Synthetic Hair pieces (Grecian Theater Assessment)

small grecian hairpiece

The hair piece I am going to wet set is relatively small but is quite long in length. I have never done a wet set on synthetic hair before however it did go quite well which surprised me! Here is how I did it..

wet setting synthetic hair

First I secured the hair piece on a wig block designed to secure wigs on to in order to style them before fitting onto the head. I used four T pins for this hair piece as I wanted to secure it firmly to the block before styling the hair. It is important to count how many T pins you place onto the hair piece as you will need to count them as you remove them to ensure you have removed every single one as you don’t want to apply the hair piece to your models head with the pins still in as I can imaging that would be extremely painful!

wet setting synthetic hair

Once the hair piece was secure I then began brushing out the hair to smooth out the texture of the hair as some parts were wavy from a braid that had been left in the hair previously. I then sprayed the hair with a water bottle to smooth down any fly away hairs.

wet setting synthetic hair

I then sectioned the hair off into inch thick pieces and created a pin curl by wrapping the hair around my fingers and then securing with two hair grips in a cross position. I sprayed each section with a little more water too to insure I get a good curl once the water was dry. I also used drawing pins to secure the curls onto the block to ensure they laid flat and didn’t fall out during the night as this may alter the curl. I then gave the hair one last all over spray with water and left it over the weekend to dry completely.

wet setting synthetic hair

Once I was sure the hair was completely dry I then removed the clips and released the curl and this was the result..

wet setting synthetic hair

I wanted the curls to be a little softer so I decided to brush out the curls to see how it looked. This was the result…

wet setting synthetic hair

Overall I am extremely happy with how the wet set turned out as the curls formed really well. From this experiment I now understand what I need to do in order to get this particular curl in synthetic hair. Although time consuming I think wet setting is a really good way to style synthetic hair as you can’t expose synthetic hair to too much heat as it can melt the hair and can be quite dangerous. This hair piece is now more suitable for my Grecian Theater look.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Katy x


Grecian Theater Hair (Practice)

Grecian hair practice

For part of my media assignment I needed to create a theatrical historic look. I decided to choose a Grecian theme as I am a big fan of the Ancient Greek look as I think the hair looked beautiful along with the fashion which is still present in recent trends such as the Grecian style maxi dresses you tend to get in summer. I decided to have a play around with hair pieces to give the hair some more height as my look had to be suitable for theater so it had to be more exaggerated than a normal TV look.

Bex (my beautiful model) Naturally has shoulder length thick hair so I want to add more length to her hair so I decided to add a hair piece.

small grecian hairpiece

I have never worked with a hair piece before so this was purely experimental. The hair piece consisted of a long weft of hair that had been wound round and stitched to secure it also had a hair clip already attached however more hair grips will be needed to secure the hair piece to the head.

I first set Bex’s hair in rollers to see a detailed tutorial of how to do this just click the following link:

Grecian hair practice media hair

The only difference with hair set was the direction of the rollers on the front of the head as I wanted to create a tighter curl which I could then pull back to give a twisted effect on the front of the head. Once the rollers were cool I could then begin to dress the hair into the desired style. Bex’s hair had taken extremely well to the rollers so that made my job that little bit easier! The more you do a heated roller set the more you get an understanding of how much product to use to maintain that curl for as long as possible.

For the first part of the up do I tied up the back half of Bex’s hair to pull it up from the neck and up towards the top of the head as I need to give height to the hair. I then positioned the hair piece above the pony tail and secured the U clips. As the hair piece was straight at the time i decided to do a series of pin curls to give a curlier look as wavy or curly hair was favored by Grecian people. I then pulled back the curls at the front of the head and pin curled them to make the up-do even more curly looking.

I then two strips of gold ribbon around the head to make it look that little bit more Grecian.

Grecian hair practice media hair

Overall I am very happy with this trial run as I now know what I need to do to improve on the look for example pre-curl the hairpiece to make it easier to pin curl. Also I think it would look a lot better if the hair hanging down at the back had a slight curl to it too. If I was to do this hair style again on a model with longer hair I may not even use a hair piece as it may be possible to use the models own hair to create the needed volume the hair. During this trial run I have learned which hair set I need to use in order to get the desired curl as heated rollers are the perfect size to create volume as well as give the hair a looser curl that heat sticks.

I’ll be doing a post on the wet set pin curls I will do on the hair piece to improve this Grecian look soon. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Katy x

1930’s Inspired Hair

1930s hair

For this look I used Babyliss Hot sticks to create a tight curl that I could brush out to get a frizzy 1930’s curl. I will be posting about how to do a full head set of hot sticks next week hopefully!
Once the hot sticks were cool I then brushed out the curl to create a frizzy look. I also backcombed the hair slightly to encourage more frizz into the curl. I then flattened the hair at the roots with a tight toothed comb to give the hair more of a 1930’s shape. I used a strong setting spray and a firm hold hair stray to keep the look in place.

1930's hair

Overall I extremely happy with the look as this is the first time I have attempted a 1930’s look. Sophie’s hair was just the right length for this look as she has shoulder length hair which sprung into a curl quite nicely. If I was to create this look on longer hair I may have to backcomb the hair a little more to get rid of some of the length. From experimenting with hot sticks I now know how to create a tight  curl which is long lasting and easily manipulated with time.

Thanks for reading 🙂

katy x

1950’s Hair (Marilyn Monroe Inspired) – Heated Rollers

For the following looks I used heated rollers to create the bouncy tight curl for a tutorial on how to set hair using heated rollers just click the following link..  https://kathrenelizabethmakeup.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/setting-hair-heated-rollers/

medium hair set in heated rollers. Kathrenelizabethmakeup.wordpress.cpm

My Bex’s hair had taken really well to the rollers as I was left with bouncy strong curls which I could then work into a 1950’s inspired style..

1950's inspired style hair, marilyn monroe style

For the first style I wanted to maintain the tight curl the rollers had created so I simply spit the curls and positioned them where I wanted them to create a very polished curly style. If you wanted to keep this style I would advise using an extreme hold hair spray to ensure it has longer staying power. As I wanted to further experiment with the curls I missed out this step as I didn’t want to add too much product to the hair until I was completely happy with the final style.

1950s style curly hair

For the final style I decided to experiment with brushing out the curls to create a softer different look. I tried to only brush the top part of the hair to ensure I had some curl left at the bottom. I then secured with plenty of hair spray to help maintain the style.

1950s monroe hair

Overall I am very pleased with the looks I created as I’m really fond vintage style hair. Experimenting with different styles like this has allowed me to build in confidence in using heat settings as I now know you can dress the hair out to create different shapes and lengths instead of leaving the simple angel curl style that the rollers had created. I am now not afraid to experiment with heated rollers and try something different as you can always edit the look afterwards as the curl is very versatile.

Thanks for reading!  Again if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Katy x

Setting Hair – Heated Rollers

hair setting heated rollers kathren elizabeth makeup

First I began by turning on the babyliss heated rollers allowing them to heat up fully  start sectioning the hair. while I. To section the hair I used a tail comb in order to create neat clean lines to make sure I had even sections to work with. For now I sectioned the hair into 6 sections (this may vary due to clients hair type – If hair is thicker more sections will me needed) I began by sectioning the middle top section of the hair and clipped it up out of the way. A good tip when sectioning hair in preparation for rollers is to always keep the size of the roller into consideration as you don’t want a section any bigger then the length of the roller as this will make it difficult to wind the hair around the roller without it going baggy on the edges.

Once I had neatly sectioned my models hair I then began adding the rollers. Once again I took into consideration the size of the roller as I didn’t want to put too much hair in each roller as the heat may not preliterate through all the hair resulting in a messy curl. To prevent this I measured each section according to the width of the roller to make sure it would be placed correctly on the head as the roller must sit directly in the middle of the individual section you have just created.

To prepare the hair for the rollers I used a light setting spray and a generous amount of hair spray before rolling the hair to help the hair stay put to create a solid style. I then rolled each neat section into the different sized rollers securing with a clip. Once all the rollers were in place I then applied another coat of hair spray to keep any fly aways in place.  Once the rollers were cold I could then begin unrolling the curls gently to prevent tangles. And that it! You can then style the curls however you to create your desired style!

5634_10151422281269339_446947712_nFor Ruth’s hair I simply brushed out the curls to and backcombed her roots to create a voluminous updo!

Overall I love using rollers as I think they give the hair that little extra lift at the roots to create bounce curls or a high volume updo. They take a bit of practice to perfect however I think i’m getting better at applying a full hair set as I didn’t have any flat looking curls and the style stayed in place throughout the day. Heated rollers would be perfect for vintage style hair as they provide both volume and curl which can be easy backcombed into a frizzier 1940’s curl or brushed out to give a 1960’s beehive look. The main thing I have learned from practicing heated roller sets is the importance of neat clean sections as it makes life so much easier because you have straight lines to guide you into a nice neat style.

Thanks for reading!

Katy x