Anatomy Inspired Look

In the make-up industry understanding the structure and muscles of the face is key. After a lecture on the anatomy of the face and body we were asked to create a make-up look showing our understanding either the bones or muscles of the face. For my look I used a combination of Kryolan grease paints, Snazaroo face paint and black eye shadow. Here is some images of my anatomy inspired looks.

2013-03-14 13.23.26

This was the look I created in class however I wasn’t happy with how it turned out as I didn’t have all the products with me that I would have liked to use.  Below is an image from a past work experience which personally I think was more effective. If I was to do this look again I would like to experiment with different products in order to get a better result as the black eye shadow I used in class had a blue undertone which was showing up on the white base.

Half Skull Make-up


Thanks for reading! 

Katy x


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