Bridal Make-up and Hair Assessment

Hello again! For another assessment we were asked to incorporate some form of postiche into a look. I decided on creating a bridal look here is how it all went!


I wanted to take a different root with this assessment as I wanted to treat my model as if she was a real client paying me to do the make-up for her big day. Instead of creating a look which I thought was a stereo typical bridal look I wanted to find out exactly what my client would like on her wedding day so decided to conduct a questionnaire which would break down what my client wants. From the questionnaire I was then able to put together a look in which my client would be pleased with taking each answer into consideration. I split the questionnaire into three sections: Hair, make-up and general questions. The general questions section contained information that would affect the overall look in a different way for example questions such as ‘Do you intend of traveling to your wedding in an open topped vehicle?’ know the answer to this will let me know if I need to take any extra precautions to keep the hair and make-up stable e.g. setting sprays and hair strays.

To incorporate the postiche into my hair design I wanted to use two strips of weft extensions. To this start out with long strips of real hair wefts which I then cut to size and doubled up for extra thickness. The next step was to stitch the two strips together and then securely stitch on the clips which would then attach to the roots of my clients hair. As I was setting my clients hair with heated rollers I wanted to sure the extensions using a similar method so used rollers but wet set them for a better result. Wet setting would cause less damage to the hair and be more long lasting.

2013-11-27 17.08.46

I wanted to practice before the actual assessment to make sure I can combat any issues I come across during the practice sessions instead of on the day of the assessment. This also allows me to get used to my clients skin and see what makes her look her best when it comes to colour choices and which base to use. After I had carried out some minor adjustments to my hair design and face chart I was ready for the assessment. For example I added another eye shadow which had a slight shimmer to open up the eyes.

On the day of assessment I felt it went quite well however I did have some difficulties with finishing the hair and had to ask for some advice. Once I knew the way around it I was able to complete the hair to a standard I was happy with. The application of the make-up ran smoothly and I was really happy with the blending of the eyes as it had went a lot better than the practice run as it was more flattering on my client.

Overall I am very pleased with this assessment, I feel I have learned some vital tips which will help me improve my special occasion make-up stills.  However, if I was to do the assessment again I would work on the eye brows shaping and colouring as they were uneven and needed warmed up slightly but putting a lighter brown tone through them. I also need to be a little braver when it comes to applying a heavy base. Personally I don’t like to wear a lot of a foundation as it’s not something I personally wear however for a bride they need full coverage on their big day to look as flawless as possible. Another reason for adding a heavier base is to make sure any skin imperfections don’t take away from the features such as the eyes or lips. By creating a flawless base first it allows you to really make these facial features stand out to create a higher contrast. I also need to invest in a higher quality powder that does not clog the skin but can still be used to matte some areas of the face down. These are all tips I will take into consideration when I next complete a bridal or special occasion make-up.

Products Used:

Once  had cleaned tones and hydrated the skin I applied the following products
Illamasqua matte primer – Buffed gently into the skin
MAC face and body foundation (a mixture of C1 and C5) – I then toughly buffed this into the skin to really push the products into the primer for extra staying power.
Benefit concealer – Applied under the eyes and to anywhere else that needed a little brightening up. I applied this with my ring finger and then blended out with a fluffy brush to ensure an even blend.
15 Concealer Palette – I then used the same method as above to conceal to any other imperfections using the colour corrections theory.

MAC Bronzer – I applied this like a contour pigment to define the facial features using a fluffy angular contouring brush.
No 7 –
I then applied a small amount of this products just above the bronzer nearing the top of the cheekbones to add a bit more colour to the face
Illamasqua Gleam (Aurora) –
I used this product to highlight the tops of the cheekbones by applying Eyes:
Before applying any products to the eye area I made sure to apply a liberal amount of eye cream to hydrate the skin and make them appear fresher. Eye drops will also contribute.
Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer – Apply all over lid with ring finger and blend out all over the lid.
Virgin V Eye shadow (Honeysuckle) – Apply all over the lid using a flat fluffy brush to brighten up the appearance of the eye. This also helps blend out the other colours that are added next.
No7 eye shadow (Weatsheaf)-
Apply into the inner corner of the eye to open them up
Virgin Vie (Beige) – 
Apply into the crease and blend out using a fluffy brush
Virgin Vie (Fawn)– Apply into the outer corner of the crease to define the eye and give it a slightly smokier effect. 
MAC Gel Eyeliner (Black Track)
 –  I then applied a thin line onto upper lash line and halfway on the outer corner of lower lash line to define the eye.
Curl Lashes
Maybelline Colossal Lash (Black)
 – Apply to upper and lower lash lines.
Salon System False lashes (225) – Cut to size and apply to upper lash line to give the eyes more drama

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Katy xx


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