Urban Angels Fashion Show 2013

At the end of last month myself and few class members volunteered to help out a local church in the area. Every year the life church in Bradford put together a charity fashion to showcase donated clothing from the church goers. The money raised through the second hand clothing, ticket and raffle ticket sales all go towards helping out five different charities. For more information about the event here is the link to their website.. http://www.urbanangels.org.uk/

charitys for urban(Image source – http://www.urbanangels.org.uk/)

We first arrived at the church a few days early for a meeting with the organisers to get to grips with the brief so we could be fully prepared for the show. The organisers of the fashion show had already put together a mood board which really helped us all decide on make-up looks as a team. After we had discussed the make-up we then were taken into the main room where it was all going to take place. We were all shocked at how huge the stage was! The models were just about to have a dress rehearsal and we were welcome to stay to watch. This was really great as we were able to see what they’re skins looked like under the stage lighting giving is a heads up. Here is a few snaps of the rehearsal..


On the day we were slit up into groups to help split up the work load. Me and Bex were asked to take care of the models who were in the green scene which we were thrilled about as the outfits were really strong and we got to work on some fantastic faces. The general theme of this scene was all about the colour green so we were asked to create a sultry smoky eye with a bright red lip. We also were asked to apply large gems to the corners of the eyes as this would really stand out and sparkle on the run way. It was a little rushed at times back stage as everyone had to be ready by 7pm for the show starting at 8pm  but we all manage to get everyone’s make-up finished in time which was a relief! my and Bex had completed out assigned models make-up so we helped out by doing a couple of bright themed make-up for a few of the dancers too.  Here is some images of the make-up looks I done on the day. These were just taken on my camera phone so I apologise for the poor quality I’ll upload some better ones soon.

lllll2013-10-25 17.44-horz

Thanks for visiting!

Katy xx

Evaluation / Reflection:
Overall I felt the day ran really smoothly. We got everyone ready in time for the show and managed to take a few quick photos for our portfolio. Although this is not the type of make-up I enjoy doing I really enjoyed it, the models were lovely and so were the organisers of the event. I’ve already said I’ll help out again next year if they’ll have me that is! At first I was really nervous about doing this work experience as I have never done a fashion show before but once I knew what I was meant to be doing I was able to get into it and enjoy it. This was also the first time I have worked on darker skins so I was really proud of myself for not shying away from something I wasn’t particularly confident in doing. Overall I am extremely pleased I took part in this event as it was a fantastic evening that raised a lot of money for some amazing charities.


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