Painting Silicone Prosthics

Hiii! Just though I’d do a post to update you on my special effects project I’m working on at the minute. For our final assessment we have been asked to create apply and paint a silicon prosthetic. This was a daunting task as I have never worked with silicone before. If you missed the previous stages of the making of the prosthetic just click the following link which will lead you to the beginning…

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to be taught by Sue Day a hair and colour specialist who had previously worked for Madam Tussauds for over 20 years! It was a really great opportunity and we learned loads!

2013-11-11 11.08-horzWe were asked to work on some sample casts of well know faces such as Jack Nicholson eye and David Beckhams mouth area. The samples were coloured pieces of silicone which gave us great start for a natural flesh tone. We first used a natural turpse brush cleaner called ‘Zest It’ to clean the surface we were working on. We then placed the sample piece down and cleaned that with ‘Zest It’ too. We had to be vary thorough to eliminate any dirty or grease as this may repel the paint. 

2013-11-11 11.44-horzWe then used a disposable palette to set out some oil paints down one side to ensure there was enough space to mix the different skin tones.  I then began to experiment with different colour to build up a skin tone I was happy with. I have previously studied A level art which was a huge help in mixing the desired flesh tone. 

2013-11-11 11.21.47Once I was happy with the skin tone I had mixed I then added silicone rubber compound and mixed it thoroughly. The more silicone you add to the paint the more permanent the paint will be. To give me a little more time to work with the paint I added a small amount of ‘Zest It’ to thin it out slightly. I then used a stippling brush to apply the colour onto the silicone cast.

2013-11-11 14.40.42

2013-11-11 11.38.33Once I was satisfied with the base colour I then began to mix a slightly rosier colour to stipple over the cheeks to make it look a little more realistic as there is several different tones and shade to the human skin which is why it can be really difficult to paint a believable skin tone.  

2013-11-11 12.03.50Although I was happy with the colour of the cheeks the paint had repelled slightly due to two possible reasons. 1, I didn’t leave the base coat to set for long enough. Or 2, I didn’t add enough silicone to my base colour. To combat this problem next time I will make sure to leave the paint to dry completely before adding the next coat of paint. I also would like to experiment further with the silicone compound and paint. 

Thanks for reading! As always if you have any questions, just let me know!

katy xx

Evaluation / Reflection:
Overall I found this quite difficult as I struggled using the oil paint as it dried extremely quickly on the palette. I was never a fan of oil paints as I much preferred to use acrylics when painting canvas as you could always go back to using a previous colour. Painting silicone is extremely different as you have such a short time to work with the product. I would like to experiment with using different products such as skin illustrators and greasepaint to see what I can achieve with them as I really dislike this permanent method of painting. 





Postiche – Facial Hair Final Assessment

Hi guys! So recently I have been really busy completing media make-up assessments so I thought I’d right a quick description for our first task for those of you that may be interested! For our first media task we were asked to construct a hand knotted facial hair piece that we then had to apply onto a male model. Here is some images of my final assessment including how I applied and removed the facial Postiche, the products I used and a evaluation of how it all went!

2013-11-13 18.20.41 1424486_10151987310769339_789697121_n

Products used:
-Illamasqua, matte primer – Apply all over the skin using a flat foundation brush.
-Glynn Mckay, bruse gel (red) – Stipple a small amount onto the cheeks with orange stippling sponge and blend the product into the skin to give the appearance of rosier cheeks, This will also give the appearance of broken blood vessels under the skins surface to age the skin slightly.
-The first step to applying the moustache is to ensure the skin is grease free by gently applying a toner in a sweeping motion.
-Next apply a matte spirit gum to the skin and tap it with your finger until the surface becomes sticky.
-Once the spirit gum is sticky enough place the moustache into place and press it down with a damp cloth or sponge.


  • The first step to applying the moustache is to ensure the skin is grease free by gently applying a toner in a sweeping motion.
  • Next apply a matte spirit gum to the skin and tap it with your finger until the surface becomes sticky.
  • Once the spirit gum is sticky enough place the moustache into place and press it down with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Once applied comb and style the moustache as desired.


  • Using a mild spirit gum remover or surgical spirit on a brush gently work away at the edges of the lace until each edge comes loose.
  • Gently peel away the moustache
  • Use the same product to remove the remainder of the spirit gum from the skin
  • To clean the moustache  and lace use small amount of acetone
  • Then the moustache is ready to be reused

Postiche (Task one) Evaluation:
At first I struggled with the hair knotting however the more I knotted the quicker and neater I got. At first I was not able to knot hair flat as it would often stick up which would result in an unrealistic effect. However I was able to adjust my technique to drag the hair down into the right direction to make the knot sit flat against the lace. After I was happy with the knotting technique I began knotting my moustache. I tried to make the notes as small as possible to make it look more natural on the skin. I had noticed that surprisingly the blonde knots were more visible so I had to make sure to mix a strand of brown in with each not to break it up a little bit. I was surprised how quickly the moustache came together as I knotted at two to three hours at a time.

I originally didn’t want to put any make-up on my model as any natural dark circles or skin imperfections would only add to the look of my character. However I did decide on using a matte primer which would eliminate any shine which will be beneficial when I take the final photographs. I also looked into skin conditions such as rosacea and thread veins to try and age my character to make it look a little rougher around the edges. However the product that I had chosen to use (Glynn Mckay bruise gel in red) was not suitable as it give a healthy flush to the cheeks making him look more youthful which was the opposite of what I wanted. If I was to do this again I would experiment with different products and colours to get a better result. Maybe introduce some different colours such as purples and maybe even a little blue to give more depth. Skin illustrators may also be a better product to use as you can gradually build up the colour without it looking like it laid on the surface of the skin.

Applying the moustache to my model was surprisingly easy as it fitted him perfectly as I had used the pattern I had taken of his face. To find out the best way to apply the moustache I carried out some research which helped me. The moustache adhered really well as I had rolled a clean brush handle over the spirit gum to make the surface sticker. Overall apart from the bruise gel application I am really pleased with the overall application of the moustache and the general look of my character.

Thanks for visiting my blog! 

Katy xx

We Heart Leeds Fashion Show 2013

Hi guys! Thought I would do a little update on some work experience I have been doing recently.. here goes!

At the beginning of the month myself and a few other students from the class were asked to take part in a fashion show in central Leeds. The ‘We Heart Leeds’ is a charity fashion show took place on the 8th of November to raise money for  ‘The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund’. It was a great event and had a really good turnout, the place was packed! Although we were not asked to attend a meeting before the fashion show to get a briefing we were still all pretty organised as there was a head make-up artist there to explain the theme for the show.

2013-11-08 19.44.43 2013-11-08 17.26.58

We were all asked to do the same look as this was in keeping with all the different collections. We were asked to create a smoky eye with a hint of blue in the centre of the lid. For the lips we used deep red shades to create a dramatic overall look. For the base I used a matte Illamasqua primer and MAC face and body to give a natural finish, I also powdered the models face to fix the make-up and prevent any unwanted shine under the stage lighting. After we had completed all the models make-ups we stayed to view the show, which was great as some of the clothes were beautiful!

Here are some images from some of the models we worked on. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Gina Cawley Photography for taking some brilliant snaps of the models! For more of her work be sure to like her page on facebook..

553200_453877594721183_1599245456_n 1395236_453875964721346_47579932_n 1451986_453877008054575_489307501_n 1455096_453876884721254_1658901544_n 1455925_453876621387947_788259260_n 1467215_453876871387922_79734711_n 1468631_453876984721244_1556003336_n

Thanks for reading!

Katy x

Evaluation / Reflection:
When arriving at the venue we were all directed upstairs to an empty hall which had very poor lighting so we had to make sure that we sat the models in the best possible lighting which was difficult! However I was really pleased with all the make-up looks I did on the day I just wish we would have had some natural light or just better light in general as it would have made sure a huge difference. Overall it was a really good night for a great charity!

Urban Angels Fashion Show 2013

At the end of last month myself and few class members volunteered to help out a local church in the area. Every year the life church in Bradford put together a charity fashion to showcase donated clothing from the church goers. The money raised through the second hand clothing, ticket and raffle ticket sales all go towards helping out five different charities. For more information about the event here is the link to their website..

charitys for urban(Image source –

We first arrived at the church a few days early for a meeting with the organisers to get to grips with the brief so we could be fully prepared for the show. The organisers of the fashion show had already put together a mood board which really helped us all decide on make-up looks as a team. After we had discussed the make-up we then were taken into the main room where it was all going to take place. We were all shocked at how huge the stage was! The models were just about to have a dress rehearsal and we were welcome to stay to watch. This was really great as we were able to see what they’re skins looked like under the stage lighting giving is a heads up. Here is a few snaps of the rehearsal..


On the day we were slit up into groups to help split up the work load. Me and Bex were asked to take care of the models who were in the green scene which we were thrilled about as the outfits were really strong and we got to work on some fantastic faces. The general theme of this scene was all about the colour green so we were asked to create a sultry smoky eye with a bright red lip. We also were asked to apply large gems to the corners of the eyes as this would really stand out and sparkle on the run way. It was a little rushed at times back stage as everyone had to be ready by 7pm for the show starting at 8pm  but we all manage to get everyone’s make-up finished in time which was a relief! my and Bex had completed out assigned models make-up so we helped out by doing a couple of bright themed make-up for a few of the dancers too.  Here is some images of the make-up looks I done on the day. These were just taken on my camera phone so I apologise for the poor quality I’ll upload some better ones soon.

lllll2013-10-25 17.44-horz

Thanks for visiting!

Katy xx

Evaluation / Reflection:
Overall I felt the day ran really smoothly. We got everyone ready in time for the show and managed to take a few quick photos for our portfolio. Although this is not the type of make-up I enjoy doing I really enjoyed it, the models were lovely and so were the organisers of the event. I’ve already said I’ll help out again next year if they’ll have me that is! At first I was really nervous about doing this work experience as I have never done a fashion show before but once I knew what I was meant to be doing I was able to get into it and enjoy it. This was also the first time I have worked on darker skins so I was really proud of myself for not shying away from something I wasn’t particularly confident in doing. Overall I am extremely pleased I took part in this event as it was a fantastic evening that raised a lot of money for some amazing charities.

Cutting and Styling My Hand Knotted Facial Postiche

Hi everyone! I’ve finally finished knotting my moustache facial postiche!! Couldn’t be happier to have finally completed it! Thought I’d run you guys through the next few steps of cutting and styling it. Stay tuned if your interested!

Once the moustache was completely knotted I then removed the block points from the wooden board with pliers. I then used T pins to secure the lace onto a malleable block ready for styling.

2013-11-13 15.44.50I firstly removed some of the length of the knotted hair as it was far too long.  I then began to make angular cuts to gradually shorten the length without leaving a harsh line. Whilst cutting my I kept referring back to my reference images to help me cut it into the desired shape.

2013-11-13 15.37.56I made sure not to cut it too short at this stage because I wanted to use heated appliances to give the hair a little more volume and shape making it more realistic looking. I used small barrelled metal curling tongs that conducted the heat from the tong heater. I found this really difficult at first as I found them really unpredictable. The tongs did not stay at a set heat as they would cool down the more they were left out of the heater. They would also get too hot at times when they had been left in the heater too long. To test the temperature of the tongs before using them I rubbed them on the edge of the lace to see if they caused any singing if they did I would leave them to cool down before using them on my moustache.

2013-11-13 15.44.54I had to keep any Health and safety issues in mind as the tong handles could get extremely hot which would easily burn your hands if handled incorrectly.

1471317_10151987308639339_485308927_nOnce I was happy with the curl and cut of the moustache I was then able to use a small amount of moustache wax to hold the style in place and flatten down any unwanted fly away hairs. Before applying the moustache I cut down the lace down leaving roughly around two bars of lace around the edges.

Then its ready to apply! XD

2013-11-13 15.31.37

Thanks for reading guys! Stay tuned for some images from my postiche final assessment!

Katy x

Bridal Make-up Practice

2013-10-15 13.43.30

For an assessment for media make-up and postiche we have been asked to incorporate a realistic looking false hair piece into a look. I have decided to do a bridal look which will allow me to also practice bridal make-up to add to my portfolio to show to potential clients. For this I will be working on the beautiful Bex. To help me thought this task I have decided to treat Bex as a real paying customer so i intent to go through the process of asking her lots of questions to try and determine what she exactly has in mind for her big day in the future. I thought it would be quite a fun take on the task given.

I asked Bex what sort of look she would like on her wedding day. I also asked her to pick out some reference images so I could get a better idea of what style she likes. I did this for both the hair and make-up to make sure I get the overall look correct.

Rather than asking her ‘what make-up would you like?’ I broke the questions down; ‘What base would you like, a matte finish? A natural finish? Or maybe a dewy skin glowyskin? How much coverage do you like? Are you comfortable wearing false eyelashes? How much make-up do you usually wear? How is your skin recently?’ and so on..  This broke it down into specific aspects I could incorporate into my final design.

As for the base Bex had decided on a natural skin tone that was borderline dewy. So instantly I knew I wanted to use a matte primer combined with MAC face and body as this has quite a natural finish but can be matted down in particular areas such as the centre of the forehead and down the bridge of the nose as I don’t want her skin to look greasy or flash back on pictures.

Bex originally wanted a natural looking eye; however she did like a look of some of the brown smoky eyes I had previously shown her for reference. I wanted to incorporate these together to come up with the correct tones of brown to give the desired depth and definition.

For the lips, Bex liked a slightly rosier lip that didn’t look too overpowering. During the test run I tried a few different colours on her to see which one she liked the best and which one complimented the rest of the make-up.

For this test run I wanted to have a play around with different products to see which suited her skin. The questionnaire I had asked Bex to fill helped me out a lot as I was able to work around her skin type and adjust the products I used.

2013-10-15 13.43.38

Products Used

Once  had cleaned tones and hydrated the skin I applied the following products
Illamasqua matte primer – Buffed gently into the skin
MAC face and body foundation (a mixture of C1 and C5) – I then toughly buffed this into the skin to really push the products into the primer for extra staying power.
Benefit concealer – Applied under the eyes and to anywhere else that needed a little brightening up. I applied this with my ring finger and then blended out with a fluffy brush to ensure an even blend.
15 Concealer Palette – I then used the same method as above to conceal to any other imperfections using the colour corrections theory.

MAC Bronzer – I applied this like a contour pigment to define the facial features using a fluffy angular contouring brush.
No 7 –
I then applied a small amount of this products just above the bronzer nearing the top of the cheekbones to add a bit more colour to the face
Illamasqua Gleam (Aurora) –
I used this product to highlight the tops of the cheekbones by applying it with a medium sized fluffy brush and blending it well into the skin to avoid a streaky look.

Before applying any products to the eye area I made sure to apply a liberal amound of eye cream to hydrate the skin and make them appear fresher. Eye drops will also contribute.
Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer – Apply all over lid with ring finger and blend out all over the lid.
Virgin V Eye shadow (honeysuckle) – Apply all over the lid using a flat fluffy brush to brighten up the appearance of the eye. This also helps blend out the other colours that are added next.
Virgin Vie (Beige) –
Apply into the crease and blend out using a fluffy brush
Virgin Vie (Fawn)– Apply into the outer corner of the crease to define the eye and give it a slightly smokier effect.
MAC Gel Eyeliner (Black Track)
–  I then applied a thin line onto upper lash line and halfway on the outer corner of lower lash line to define the eye.
Curl Lashes
Maybelline Colossal Lash (Black)
– Apply to upper and lower lash lines.
Salon System False lashes (225) – Cut to size and apply to upper lash line to give the eyes more drama

Vaseline –
Apply with ring finger all over lips to ensure they are hydrated. If needed apply a lip scrub to eliminate dry skin which could be detrimental to the final look of the lip.
MAC lip liner (Whirl) – Neatly line and then fill in the lips to create a good base for the lipstick giving it more staying power.
Body shop Lipstick (7) – Use a lip brush to neatly apply the colour all over the lips.

Thanks for reading!
Katy x

Evaluation/ Reflection:
Overall I am very pleased with this look however I have ordered some slightly shimmery eye pigments which I want to test out as Bex’s eyes could do be with being brightened up a little more. We also decided that individual false lashes would be a better option as opposed to strip lashes as they give a much more natural effect. I also want to apply a light lip gloss to freshen up the look making it a little more youthful.