Drug Addict Track Marks (Skin Illustrator / BlueBird Inks / Rigid Collodion review)

skin illustrater combination blue bird

Drug addict viens

This was my first ever attempt at using Skin Illustrators and BlueBird Inks however I am very pleased with the finished effect. At first I found the product quite strange to work with as I am used to using greasepaint to create these types of effects. The Skin illustrators are activated with Isopropyl Alcohol which is added into each section of colour using a small spray bottle. Once activated you can then begin to build up watery layers of colour onto the skin to create the desired effect. One of the reasons I liked working with these is due to the fact they give a no makeup look on the skins surface as they are not as heavy as greasepaints. I also really like how you can build up the colour gradually, if mistakes are made the Isopropyl Alcohol can be used to erase layers of the colour.

First I began by applying a light wash of red Skin Illustrator to the inner bend of the elbow to simulate irritation to the skin. I then used a small brush to paint dots were I want the entry wounds of the needle (I added more detail later on). I then used my own visible veins to act as a guide for both positioning and the colour match. I used a combination of a teal green, grey and a hint of red to simulate faint swollen veins.

Once I was happy with the veins I then went back to creating the needle entry wounds, for this I used a combination of purples and reds to make the skin look irritated and poisoned. I also used a small drop of Mehron’s Rigid Collodion to create a scabbed effect. Rigid Collodion tightens the skin creating a crusted skin effect however it can also be used for scar recreation if built up in layers.

From my research I think this product is extremely good to create a very realistic looking effect that is easy to recreate. Although Skin Illustrator and Blue Bird inks are pricey they are still extremely popular in the industry due to their quality and easy use. This product is also used for prosthetic work as the colour is extremely easy to build up making it looks more realistic as undertone colours can be added. The make-up also shows up well in photographs so it would be perfect for film or TV work, to make this a theatrical makeup the colours would have to be more intense and a lot darker as the lights on stage would bleach the colour out making the effect near invisible to the audience.


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