Drug Addict Make-up (Tuplast / Scult Gel / Greasepaint / Rigid Collodion)

druggy makeup

For this make-up I wanted my model to look as rough and haggard as possible so I began by using a light greasepaint to pail out my models complexion to make her look dull and ill,  I made sure not to cover any natural imperfections on the skin such as blemishes and dark circles as they would only add to the look.

Next used both (Kryolan) grease paints and beige powders around the eyes of my model make her look tired and worn out. I first began by smudging grey and maroon greasepaint under the eyes to recreate heavy bagged eyes. I then applied a small amount of red greasepaint to the upper and lower lids to make the eyes look sore and tired.  Finally I used dark beige powders to hollow out the eyes by following the natural shape of the socket. I also used this colour to contour the face to make my model look gaunt and skinny. For this I used an angled brush to apply the colour to the face in small amounts to build up colour gradually.

I then began applying mold gel to the face. First I mixed equal amounts of pots A and B together on the back of my hand to activate the product then used the end of a brush to apply it to the parts of the face such as the lips and forehead to create cold sores(herpes) and ulcers. Once the gel had dried I then was able to apply red and maroon greasepaints to make inflamed looking sores on the face. I also added a small amount of Tuplast to the lip to create a blistered effect.

To make the lips look chapped from dehydration and cold I applied a thin layer of Vaseline (to protect the lips from the the next product) I finally added a small layer of  Rigid Collodion to the lips which creates the flaked shin effect.

Overall I am extremely happy with this look as I think it is extremely effective and would be perfect for TV or film work. I think this make-up is subtle  however the camera picks it up extremely well, to edit this look into a theatrical make-up I would have to use a lot more make-up as on stage the lights tend to bleach out the colour which can be detrimental to the character as they will appear to have no make-up on at all.


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