Grease Paint Zombie Base


I started by applying Kryolan grease paint in 074 with a flat foundation brush. This colour eliminated any redness in my skin which left me with a very grey dull looking skin tone.  I then used a dark grey grease paint (517) from the same pallet to contour my cheeks, chin, jaw and forehead. I then used a white grease paint (070) to highlight the top of my cheeks to make the contouring stand out further. I also heavily applied the white to the top of my brow bone to make my face look sunken in. I also used the grey and a maroon colour to shade under and around my eyes.

Once I was happy with the shading and highlighting I then moved onto the vein detail. For this is used a fine brush and used a mixture of grey, maroon and green and drew on dark fine veins around the eyes and forehead. Finally I applied a red eyeliner to complete the base. Then your free to add any wounds, scares and blood and guts to finish off the zombie make-up!

This was the first time I have used grease paints for this kind of makeup as I used to using Snazaroo face paint which does the trick but is harder to blend and shade. This make-up could be used for both TV/film and theatrical work as it is very dramatic and effective. You could also set this grease paint base with a translucent powder for more staying power.

Any questions? Just ask!

Thanks for reading!

Katy x


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