70’s Disco Frogs – College Production (Work Experience)

Recently a few class members and I offered to help out with Bradford College Drama production. We were all put into groups and assigned different characters which we then had to create a theater style make-up in-keeping with that particular character. Myself Tracy Reed and Hannah Todhunter were in charge of the 70’s Disco Frogs in the production on opening night. The make-up was quite simplistic as the art department of Bradford College had already made some amazing ‘froggy’ masks for the cast to wear.
As team leader I took a visit to the art department to take photos of the casts costume before designing the body paint. Gina (one of the creative directors of the play) asked us to create a small but bold frog skin pattern down the arms down each arm as they are likely to be seen on stage due to the costumes and the dance routines.
To save time I decided to create my own stencil for myself and Tracy to use on the frog cast members, I also left the stencil behind for classmates to use the following night for the next production as it was really helpful.

imagesImage source – (http://www.realmagick.com/frog-skin)

Before creating the stencil I carried out some research into how I was going to create a ‘froggy’ skin detail which could be easily transferred onto the skin. Once I had found a realistic looking pattern I then roughly drew it onto a sheet of thick acetate using a permanent marker. I then used a craft knife and cutting matte (to prevent damage to and surfaces) to cut out the spots to leave me with a reusable stencil.
Before the production I had experimented with different paints and products to come across the ideal coverage for that perfect ‘froggy’ green colour. I found that Snazaroo face paint worked perfectly, Also after researching the product I had found it was hypoallergenic and quite affordable to buy in bulk.


For the final design we decided on using both yellow and green Snazaroo paint for the base to allow the stencil to show better on stage. The yellow gives a better contrast against the darker green paint which we stippled over the stencil to create the spots. Overall we were both extremely happy with the make-up however we could have done with a little more time do apply it as we were a little pushed for time towards the end, but me and Tracy and Hannah worked really well as a team and got the job done in the end! Make sure to check out their blogs..

Tracy Reed – http://tracyareed.wordpress.com/
Hannah Todhunter – http://hannahtodhunter.wordpress.com/

Thanks for reading,

Katy x


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