Television Make-up

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From my research I have noticed that television presenter’s makeup tends to gently define each facial feature. For example the eyes are often framed with deeper colours to define the shape and make them stand out more as eye contact is extremely important in connecting with the audience. The lips are also often defined as they too are another part of the body that is focused on when the person is talking. Although these features are enhanced they never cancel each other out as they are at the similar level of strength for example a bold lip isn’t used often as this tends to focus all attention to that particular facial feature which can be off-putting to the viewer.

TV mkeup combination

First I buffed Illamasqua Matte Primer into the skin pre-cleansed and toned skin to create a clean base. I then used MAC Studio Tech (NC15) which I also buffed into the skin using a medium sized flat buffing brush. To get a flawless base I then used a 15 Concealer Palette by Fraulein (which I purchased from for around £6) and used colour theory to correct any skin imperfections that the foundation had failed to cover such as blemishes and dark circles. If you would like to know more about using colour theory to correct imperfections just click the following link – To set the foundation I used Illamasqua loose translucent powder which I pressed onto the skin with a powder puff using a rolling motion

Once I was happy with the base I then moved onto the eye make-up. First I used my finger to apply an all over lid coverage of Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer. I then used a flat eye shadow brush to apply MAC’s Orb eye shadow all over the lid to brighten up the eye. Next I applied MAC’s Texture eye shadow into the crease of the lid to give the eye definition. At first I was a bit scared to use this shade as it is a deep burnt orange colour which I don’t often use however the depth of colour it gives is amazing and really brings out blue eyes. To define the eye further I then added MAC’s Concrete eye shadow to the outer corners of the eye. I also used this colour to define the brows by using a small angled brush.

I then used a thin angled brush to apply a thin line of MAC Gel Eyeliner (Black Track) to the upper lash line creating a very subtle flick at the outer edge of the eye. I also applied the same liner to the lower lash line starting from the outer corner in however I only brought the liner halfway along as I wanted the eye to appear very open and wide. The final touch was to add a layer of Maybelline Colossal Lash (Black) to both the upper and lower lashes.

To give the face a little more definition I used MAC Bronzer underneath the cheek bones and jaw line, although this is subtle it does make a difference on camera. I also wanted to add a bit more colour to the face, for this I gently dusted MAC blusher in the colour Cubic to the apples of my client’s cheeks to give her face a little more life. To apply this product I asked my client to give me a cheesy grin so I could locate the apples of her cheeks easier this also creates a more even look.

For the lips I used MAC lip liner in whirl to follow the natural lip line before adding Body Shop (14) lipstick combined with Nivea (Rose 07 Passion) to the lips with a small lip brush.


I really like this look as an everyday makeup look as its subtle but still really flattering. Hope you like it!

Katy xx


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