Halloween Work Experience at The Crafty Workshop

During the Halloween weekend I advertised to do face painting and makeup during the day at my local craft shop The Crafty Workshop where I have worked for over 5 years. I was surprised with the turn out as I was busy all day and even had a queue! I was chuffed to bits!

My camera battery died half way through the day so I only managed to take a few snaps of a couple of looks sadly.. but here is the images for you to have a look at anyways!  If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!


Katie came in and explained that she was going to a fancy dress Halloween party dresses as ‘Little Dead Riding Hood’ and wanted to look scary as apposed to the typical pretty little red riding hood. So I used Kryolan grease paints  to give her that dead looking skin tone. I also used darker coloured grease paints to contour and hollow out her facial features and collar bone. I also created some liquid latex wounds which I filled with cotton wool, wound filler and red bruise gel.


Half skull face paints were also really popular which I was pleased about as I enjoy doing them as I think they look really effective. Again I used Kryolan grease paints however I also introduced Snazaroo face paints along with a black Virgin V pigment.


Lee was attending a ghost walk later on with the local Cubs and Scouts group and want to jump out and scare the kids during the ghost hunt so, we decided to turn him into a Flesh eating zombie! For this again I used Snazaroo face paints, Kryolan grease paints and black pigment powders.


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