Zombie Decayed Teeth



Grimas tooth enamel, Tooth stain

To make my teeth look decayed and broken I used Grimas Tooth Enamel in Nicotine and Brown which I purchased from www.teampixie.co.uk for £4.10 each which I thought was a really good price as it’s a great product. The product itself comes in a little glass bottle similar to a nail polish bottle and it also has the brush attached to the lid in which to apply the product directly onto your teeth.  As I intend to keep this product for my kit I didn’t used the provided brush for hygiene reasons as I don’t want to contaminate the rest of the product by putting the used brush back into the bottle.

First I used some kitchen towel to dry my teeth as this would allow the product to adhere itself to the surface of my teeth. I then used a small artists brush to apply a small amount of the Nicotine colour to the base of my teeth. Before doing this I had pushed some kitchen towel under my lip to raise my lips off my teeth to prevent my lips from touching the product. Once the Nicotine colour was dry I added small amounts of brown in-between my teeth to make them look even more disgusting.

Katy xx


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