Sewn Up Laceration Tutorial (Derma Wax / Liquid Latex)

Casualty Simulation – Stitched Up Laceration (Part of the Hospital Zombie Make-up)

dscf01331Products used:
-Grimmas Derma wax (Snazzaroo Wax is also a cheaper alternative)
-Liquid latex
-Glynn Mckay Bruise Gel (Red)
-Translucent Powder
-KY jelly (cleansing lotion or moisturiser could also be used)
-Wound Filler (or fake blood)
-Needle and Thread
-Small pair of scissors

For the recreation of a stitched up laceration I began by scraping out derma wax from the tub by using the back of my finger nail. I then used the warmth of my hands to roll the wax into a long sausage shape that was around 6-7mm in width and 2½ inches in length (the length may change depended on where you intend to apply the makeup).

The next step is to apply the wax to the skin. I placed the wax onto the surface and then blend out the edges using my thumb and forefinger. Derma Wax naturally has its own adhesive that sticks to the skin as the body’s temperature melts the wax slightly making it sticky and mouldable. Once I was happy with the moulding of the wax I was then ready to move onto the next step.

Next I used a latex sponge to stipple two layers of liquid latex over the wax and onto the skin around it to blend the wax into the skin that little bit more.  Once dry I added another layer of latex over the top however this time tried not to bring the latex as far out onto the skin as I wanted the edges to be thin so they will blend into the skin well. Then I used a powder brush to add a layer of translucent powder over the top to erase the shine of the latex.

Next I cut through the two products I had just applied. I first added a small amount of KY jelly to the small scissor blades to help them glide through the sticky Derma Wax.

laceration-pierce-placementBefore I cut through the products I had to make sure I knew where the wax started and ended as I wanted to prevent any damage to the skin underneath.

I then gently used the sharp points of the scissors to pierce through the latex and then cut through the wax making sure not to make contact with the skin.

Next I added wound filler to the laceration before stitching it up with a needle and thread. Rather than doing a normal running stitch I cut off the thread once I had pierced through both sides so I could use them to pull the wound back together to act as stitches. You could also add extra blood if you want to make it nice and gory for Halloween!

Thanks very much for reading : D


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