Hospital Zombie Costume Tutorial

Hospital Zombie Gown

Zombie Costume Inspired by Nimba creations

You will need:
-Hospital gown (I got mine online but a long nightgown will also do fine)
-Red food colouring or fake blood
-Tea bags
-Cup x2
-Old paint brush x2
-Hair dryer (optional)
-Coat hanger
-Access to water

I first began by sticking the kettle on and making a cuppa but unfortunately I didn’t get to drink it because I had to drip it all onto the gown =( haha! The yellowy colour of tea makes the material look old and mucky. I concentrated on the neck line and the underarms of the gown to give a sweaty diseased look (gross, but it does looks good in the end!). Although the tea staining looked good I still didn’t think it was muddy enough so I decided to literally drag it through the garden haha! Worked out really well and doesn’t cost anything!

Before adding the food colouring or fake blood I hung the gown up to dry for around half an hour (you could use a hair dryer if you’re in a hurry) I advise you do this as you don’t want to dilute the food colouring or fake blood because you don’t want it to turn pink and loose the deep blood red pigment. I used a combination of red and black food colouring to make the blood look old as I wanted it to look like the zombie character has been wandering around for months trying to find food. Again I focused my attention to the neck line as it would be the most blood drenched part of the gown. I also added quite a lot of blood and mud to the bottom of the gown as it reaches the floor so it would be dragged through all the blood, guts and gore of a zombie apocalypse. I used an old paint brush to splatter the blood on in a random pattern, sometimes less is more so I only added a little at a time.

To distress the fabric further I shredded the edges and used a high grade sandpaper to ware away parts of the fabric. Then you’re done!

Hospital Zombie Nasal Cannula

close up of nasal cannula

You will need:
– Nasal Cannula (I bought one online for around £8
– Tea bags
– Syringe
– Red food colouring
– Small paint brush

First I began by soaking a tea bag in hot water I then let the water cool before using the syringe (without the needle) to push the tea through the pipes I then left the cannula overnight to soak. I then used the syringe to push air through the tubes to clear the tubes of the liquid.
For the blood I used a small paint brush to push red food colouring through the two little nasal tube to simulate a once bloody nose.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. =D Thanks very much for reading!



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