Medusa / Evil Queen Makeup






4 thoughts on “Medusa / Evil Queen Makeup

    • Hi!
      I did this look a few years ago for my Halloween costume so unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what I used. It was nothing fancy or expensive. I used my own everyday base and then went a bit crazy on top of it haha! To know how I covered my brows here is a link to another tutorial:

      For the cheeks I used a Star Gazer pigment (neon green) to contour. I also used this down the center of my forehead. To get the scale effect I used a pair of fishnet stockings which I stretched over my face and applied a green Snazaroo face paint over the top with a sponge which is really easy and effective. The glitter I used down the center of the nose and on the scales was again by star gazer (but any loose glitter will do as long as its not too close to your eyes). To adhere the glitter to my skin I first applied a little bit of petroleum jelly to the places I wanted to add glitter to then patted the glitter on top with a flat brush or cotton bud.

      As for the eyes I used ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ eye primer by Benefit (but any will do). I used a combination of green matte eyes shadows in various shades with a yellow gold in the inner corner. I also used a a glitter gel liner by Collection 200 on the upper and lower lash line for more sparkle 🙂 To bring out the green a little more I also used a liquid purple eye liner on the outer corners. If you don’t have a purple liquid liner handy just apply a purple eye shadow with a wet liner brush and it gives a similar effect.

      Really sorry if this is no help much, I’m trying to rack my brain and think of everything! I need to recreate this look and actually note down what I done this time!

      Happy Halloween!

    • Hi Abby! They’re photoshoped in this image but the contacts that I would recommend are by a brand called colorvue, i’ve never had any problems with them! They have some amazing designs too!

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