Gelatin Hypertrophic Scaring

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 Hypertrophic scaring occurs when the skin produces too much collagen which makes the skin raised up and creates a dark pigmented scar that can eventually fade in colour over time. There are many different causes of hypertrophic scaring such as body piercings, burns and common skin conditions such as ache. Hypertrophic scars often limits the skins elasticity as it creates a tight shiny surface over the damaged skin to close up the wound to protect from infection.

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The following technique would be really easy to adapt into a  Freddy Krueger look for a Halloween!

The first step is to melt the gelatin in a microwave until it is melted through and ready to work with. If you put your gelatin onto a tin tray this allows you to reheat the gelatin with a hair dryer or heat gun if needed as it does tend to set quite quickly.

After the gelatin has cooled slightly it is then ready to work with as you have to take health and safety into consideration to prevent your client getting burned by the melted gelatin. once cool use your finger to apply the gelatin onto the skin by dragging it from the outside in to get a smooth edge but still create the raised up texture in the centre.

Once it the gelatin has set you can then begin adding the grease paint (Kryolan B Pallet).  I began by adding a tiny amount of red to give the gelatin a pink tinge before adding a little amount of blue. Then you’re done! Simple as that! It’s also really easy to remove too, just use warm soapy water.

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