Making Gelatin

To make a large batch you will need:
-Microwavable plastic bowl or round container
-Wooden spoon or wooden lolly stick
-3 Plastic cups
-Weighing scales
-Access to cold water
-Ice-cube tray (optional)
-250g of Gelatin Crystals
-200g of Glycerin (Glycerol)
-Johnson’s Talcum Powder
-Red Flocking

Health and Safety:
When making gelatin its vital you take into consideration all the health and safety risks for example  the gelatin can get quite hot throughout the process so make sure you have access to cold water in case of thermal injuries. Make sure the floor and work surfaces are clear and dry to avoid accidents when carrying the hot mixture. Also be aware of water around electrical appliances and plug sockets etc.


First thing you need to do is measure out your 250g of Gelatin Crystals in the mixing bowl not forgetting to cancel out the weight of the bowl when measuring as this may change the recipe and the consistency of your gelatin.
Next add a little amount of COLD water at a time to the crystals making sure to mix (wooden spoon or lolly stick) as you go, continue this process until you have an apple sauce consistency. It is important to add only a little amount of water at a time as you can always add more if you need to but can never take back what you’ve already put in. It is also very important that you only use cold water as warm water can melt the crystals when mixing which can cause the mixture to change into a doughy consistency which is harder to work with (I found this out the hard way.. =[ )
Next you can begin to melt the mixture – Place the bowl into the microwave for 1.30 minutes on a medium heat mixing around 3 times during this time to help smooth out the mixture. At this point the mixture should be smooth with little or no lumps.

Now measure out 200g of glycerin in a plastic and pour into the bowl and mix several times until you have a gooey stringy looking consistency this is often used in the industry as alien or monster goo/slim due to its disgusting slimy looking texture, colourants are simply added and there you have the perfect disgusting alien goo! Yuk! Anyways.. back to gelatin making! You now need to stick the bowl back into the microwave for no more than a minute at a time as you could burn the gelatine which you done want to do because it smelts disgusting! (I also learned that the hard way too) The reason for reheating the mixture is to further smooth out an of the lumps so make sure you mix in between at least every 30 seconds.

Next make you powder paste by mixing an inch of talcum powder with a little cold water to make a thick tooth paste consistency next add around 1-2 tea spoons of this mixture into the gelatine to make the mixture more translucent and skin toned. You may only need a tiny amount dependent on your mixture so far. Some cheaper brands of talcum powder can course your gelatin to turn green but Johnson’s works perfectly!

Finally add a small pinch of red flocking to the mixture again you can always add more if you need to. Finally give the gelatin a good mix then leave to set. Then you’re done!

Handy tips!
You could also pour the gelatin into ice-cube trays as this is easier to keep in your kit at all times and takes half the time to melt!
Make sure you store your gelatin in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


3 thoughts on “Making Gelatin

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  2. Thanks for this awesome recipe, its similar to one I use but the addition of the powder makes a big difference. I did not have the red pigment when I tried it so instead I added some cheap dollar store cover-up to the powder before adding it to the gelatin mix, it worked really well for skin tone and I think it takes longer to set up adding extra time for application but it does set up nice and solid.. I think maybe the oil in the foundation is why there is more play time.

    • No problem! I might have to give your recipe a try too! Always good to try something new.. I would love to be able to have more play time with gelatin as I’m a bit of a perfectionist and love to get it perfect before it sets! Thank you for the tip and also for visiting my blog 🙂

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