Liquid latex burn using Snazaroo face paint and basic matte eye shadows


(Click the images to enlarge)

combinedFor this technique I started by using a latex sponge to stipple latex onto my cheek and forehead. I applied around five coats using a hair dryer to dry each layer in between. I had to be careful around the eye area as the latex gives off fumes whilst it is drying which can cause irritation to the eye causing the eye to weep. I also had to be careful when I was applying the latex near the hairline as latex can be very difficult and painful to remove from hair so sear clear of eye brows and sideburns too!

Once the latex was completely dry I then used a small pair of scissors to pierce tiny holes in the latex, You can also use a simple toothpick to do this. As I have not powdered the latex it still looks quite shiny and sticks to itself once tore or cut so I decided to take advantage of this by pulling the edges of the hole I had just made and sticking it to another part of the latex making the skin look melted.

Once I was happy with the manipulation of the latex I then began to add colour. As this was my first attempted at using liquid latex I was not sure what materials worked best on the sticky shiny surface so I decided to experiment with matte eye shadows first. I began by filling in the holes with a burgundy red and a deep purple which added a little more depth to the open wounds. Next I used Snazaroo red face paint and a latex sponge to stipple a small amount of paint onto the latex to give the skin a very raw and painful feel.  I also used Snazaroo black face paint to deepen the red slightly as it looked a little too vibrant. Black could also be used to suggest soot by blending small amounts around the wound and blending it out to give a feathery shaded effect however be careful when blending over the outer line of the latex as it can make the line between the latex and your skin more prominent.

Finally I added a little clear cheap lip gloss to give the wound a shine making it look weeping and sore. Blisters tend to have a sheen on them as the the skin bubbles and stretches to create a cushioned surface to protect the deeper layers of skin underneath. Blisters are usually filled with bodily fluids such as serum or plasm or even blood. Instead of lip gloss you could also use KY jelly, clear cheap hair gel or petroleum jelly. I used lip gloss simply because it was all I had at the time as I was just experimenting but it worked out okay and its a pretty cheap option! =]

lklskdnTo remove the latex you could use an oil based remover such as Ben Nye’s Bond Off or simply use warm soapy water in between the latex and your own skin and peel gently. Or you could do it the painful way like me and just peel it off like me but I don’t advise it because it hurts!


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