Third Degree Burn (Liquid Latex / Cotton Wool / Kryolan Grease Paint B Pallet)


First I began by using a latex sponge to stipple liquid latex onto the skin. Once this was dry I added a second layer however I did not allow this layer to dry as I wanted a sticky surface for the next step. I split a couple of cotton pads into two and stuck them fluffy side down on top of the wet latex. I then waited for a few seconds to allow the latex to soak into the cotton wool to make sure the fluffy texture would adhere to the liquid latex.

Next I then used the same latex sponge I used earlier to stipple another layer of latex over the top of the cotton wool to get rid of any fluffy edges before I begin to add paint. Whilst the latex was wet I used the end of my brush to move the cotton around to create further texture. I then used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process and then began to apply paint once the latex was completely dry as latex can be very harmful to brushes.

I first began with red (079) greasepaint from the Kryolan B palette to fill in what would be the deepest parts of the burn. I also added a small amount of maroon (082) to the same areas to give depth. I then added a yellow (303) to imitate the less severely burnt skin and black (071) to create the look of charred skin that has been partly burnt away. I also used the same colour to work around the wound to create the look of soot. The final touch was to add KY Jelly to the middle area of the wound which makes the burn look oozing and fresh.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Katy xx


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