Mangled Thumb – Grimas Derma Wax & Glynn McKay Bruise Gel


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 To create a mangled looking thumb I used Grimas Derma Wax (around £9) and Glynn Mckay Dark Red Bruise Gel (around £7). First I began by scraping a small amount of the wax out of the pot by using my nail. This allows the wax to become thinner making it easier to work with. Next I started building a layer of the wax onto my thumb being careful not to distort the shape of the thumb too much as I want it to look as realistic as possible.

Once I was happy with the layering of the wax I then blended it into the skin by dabbing my finger around the edges to make the line between my own skin and the wax less visible. I found that using a wet wipe or slightly dampening my fingertips also helps with the blending as the wax can become very sticky as the bodies temperature softens and melts it slightly.
Next I began moulding the lacerations and cuts.

What’s the difference between a laceration and a cut?
-A laceration is a tear or deep cut of the flesh which is most likely to need stitches as this controls bleeding and reduces the scar tissue making it less noticeable once the laceration is healed.
-I cut tends to be shallower and less severe for example a paper cut.

For the mangled thumb I will be using a mixture of cuts and lacerations to make it look like a severe injury. The tool I will be using is a simple tooth pick as they are thin and sharp enough to scrape through the wax without damaging the skin underneath, making it an extremely practical, cheap  and disposable too to use for this technique. I simply dragged the tooth pick through the wax from underneath the nail in a downwards motion. This worked really well as I had a generous amount of wax on that area so it give me a really deep looking laceration. On the front of the thumb I wanted to try making it look like a chunk of skin had been lifted. For this I repeated the same technique however this time I created a small pocket between my own skin and the wax by lifting the wax from the skin slightly. This also worked well as the Grimas Derma wax mimics the skin making it look realistic.

Once I was happy with the manipulation of the wax I then used a dark red bruise gel to add a bloody stain over parts of the wax making it look raw and painful. Finally I used a small flat brush to push the gel into the crevices building up the depth of each cut and laceration. You could also use the fake blood recipe to fill in the cuts however I used bruise gel as it Is alcohol based which then evaporates making the blood look slightly coagulated.
Make your own fake blood:



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