Creating New and Old Bruises using Kryolan Bruise Wheel


What is a bruise? – A bruise is a mild case of internal bleeding, it is coursed by trauma or damage to the body. The blood capillaries then burst under the skins surface this tends to change the colour of the skin as the blood seeps to the surface. Bruising can also occur on muscle and bone which can be extremely painful.

New or fresh bruises tend to be a lot more pigmented as the blood is fresher and darker as there is still oxygen in the blood however the blood loses this oxygen eventually as it is not being pumped through the heart therefore it is not being refreshed. As the blood loses its oxygen it begins to rot under the skin resulting in a colour change from reds, blues and purples to yellows, greens and browns. Having knowledge on bruising can be very helpful to a makeup artist as it allows the artist to track and follow the changes to the colours of the bruise over time so they are able to make it more believable for example on a TV series the bruising may have to fade away slowly over time as the episodes progress as bruises don’t heal overnight.

Creating a New Bruise with Kryolan Bruise Wheel


First I started dabbing the lighter purple onto the skin, blending it gently into the skin to create and abstract shape (as bruises don’t tend to be perfect circles). Next I introduced the red from the palette using the same technique however I only added small amounts at a time. I then applied the darkest of the purples to the skin to give it more depth. Throughout this process I had to remind myself to keep the shape abstract to make it as realistic as possible. When adding the darker purple I did not blend it as well as the others as I wanted it to look like broken capillaries underneath the skins surface. After I had applied the colours and I was happy with the depth of the bruise the then wiped away certain parts with a wet wipe to make it even more abstract as my edges were too rounded and smooth. The wet wipe can also be used for clearing up mistakes throughout the application process. Overall I think this effect works well as it had enough definition to show up in picture but did not look too dramatic or false.

Creating a Old Bruise with Kryolan Bruise Wheel


For this I began with the lightest of the greens in the wheel and gently applied it to the skin building up the colour by dabbing and pushing the colour around. Next I added the darker green to give it a bit more definition. I still had to make sure I was sticking with the abstract shapes to make it realistic. to add more definition I added a little black and blended well. Overall I liked this method of creating an old bruise as it blended well and the outcome looks believable.


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