No Makeup Look – Dewy Skin


For this look I began by cleansing and toning the skin as this gives me a good clear base to work with. I want this look to be very subtle almost as if my model is not wearing any makeup at all. After cleansing and toning I worked Illamasqua Satin primer into the skin by doing small circular movements with a buffing brush. I also buffed the foundation past the jaw line to ensure that the foundation was well blended down the neck to avoid harsh lines.

Once I was happy with the application of the primer I then tested my clients skin tone by carrying out a simple swatch test on the lower jaw of my model. This allowed me to see which of the foundations would suit my clients skin tone as I wanted this look to be as natural as possible. Once I had found a match I applied (C1 MAC face and body) foundation to the skin in a similar manor to the primer however this time I had to make sure my clients ears also had I light coverage of the same foundation this  is especially important in TV work as the face has to match the rest of the body.

 Next I applied MAC NW20 concealer with a light medium sized flat brush to dark circles around the eyes. I also added small amounts around the face to even out any imperfections or blemishes.

Finally to finish the look I used a clean disposable mascara brush to neaten up the eyebrows using an eyebrow gel.


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