Matte Flawless Skin with Classic Red Lip


After cleansing, toning and applying a light moisturiser to the skin I applied a matte illamasqua primer which I worked into the skin with a large buffing brush. Once I was happy with the application of the primer I then applied MAC Studio tech (NC15) using the same method. I had to work quickly as the studio tech settles into the skin as it is a matte foundation making it harder to go back and rework.  If the clients skin has prominent vellus facial hair I have to make sure that I used a downwards motion to keep the fine hairs neat. I brought the foundation past the jaw line to blend the foundation down onto the neck to avoid any harsh lines.

Next to aid the flawless base I applied MAC NW20 concealer to any imperfections or blemished. For this I used a 1/2 inch flat brush. I built up the concealer in layers around the eyes to disguise any dark circles. I also brought the concealer up to the water line to cover of any discolouration under the eye. I also used a little amount on the brow bone and eye lid to make the face a complete blank canvas.

Once I was happy with the foundation base and concealer I then used illamasqua loose powder to further matte the skin. For this I used a MAC powder puff which I then rolled into the powder and applied to the face using a gentle rolling action which pushes the product into the face with minimum fall out.  I then applied the same powder under the eyes using a broad flat brush which allowed me to get into the eye socket to make sure the concealer was set into place to avoid movement of the product. Before applying the powder around the eye I had to make sure the concealer hadn’t creased as it can melt due to the body temperature.

For the lips I used a MAC lip liner (Cherry) to outline the natural shape of the lips and used a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick (111 Kiss of life) to fill in the lips to create the classic red matte lip.

Finally I added a small amount of blush to the apples of the cheeks to add a bit more colour as I had eliminated any redness from my models face. I finally finished off the look like a coat of black Maybelline Colossal lash mascara.

This look would be an ideal base for a 1950’s inspired makeup.


2 thoughts on “Matte Flawless Skin with Classic Red Lip

    • Hiiii, that isn’t me its my friend Hannah, she’s a beaut isn’t she!
      It’s MAC Studio tech in shade NC15 I find its Quite thick as it provides and matte full coverage. Another good thing about this is it doesn’t have any SPF in it which makes it photograph really well as it doesn’t flash back and make you look really pale.

      Sorry for the late reply,
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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