Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising

First I began by taking the majority of makeup off my models face with a face wipe that caters for all skin types as I want to avoid irritation to my models skin.  Next I applied a sensitive cleansing lotion to the skin to further remove the makeup. I had to make sure I really worked the lotion into the skin as I wanted to have a clean blank canvas in order to apply a dewy no makeup look. Next I used a damp cotton pad to remove the lotion (its better to have a damp cotton pad as it is less rough on the skin but still has light exfoliation properties).

Next I wanted to remove my models eye makeup so I first began with dampening 3-4 cotton pads with a sterile water spray (once again to soften the surface of the cotton pad and to also make the product go further as the cotton pad will not absorb all the product.)  I then split a cotton pad in half to allow me to work under the eyes without it being uncomfortable for my model. (this also saves money in the long run). Next I then folded the thinner cotton pads in half again and added a little amount of eye makeup remover onto them. I also added eye makeup remover onto 2 other damp cotton pads to ensure I could remove the makeup as quickly as possible and not have to go back and forth applying more makeup remover to cotton pads. Next I placed the folded pads underneath the bottom lash line and asked my model to gently close their eyes to ensure I don’t get any product into their eyes from carrying out the next step (this prevents any smudges under the lower lash line and cheek.) I then gently pressed the cotton pads onto the lid and rested it there for a short period of time to soften the eye makeup which would make it easier to remove. Next I used the same cotton pad and in a downwards motion I began to remove the makeup catching the excess on the bottom cotton pad which is still placed under the lower lash line. Once I was happy that I had removed as much of the eye makeup as possible I then removed the cotton pads from under the eyes.

Next I used cotton buds dampened with eye makeup remover to remove the makeup from the lower lash line and underneath the eye as I want to make sure there are no visible traces of previously applied makeup. I also used a cotton bud to remove the makeup from the top lash line my lifting the eye lid up whilst my model closed her their eyes this allows better access to the lash line in order for my to remove all traces of makeup.

Finally I used a clean damp cotton pad to quickly wipe over the skin near the eye area in case of any smudges from the removal of the eye makeup. Then I toned the skin by using damp cotton pads and a sensitive toner which I applied gently all over the skin avoiding the eye area. Toning the skin will remove any residue from the cleanser along with balancing the skins PH levels. Finally I added a light moisturiser to the skin, however this may not always be the case as depending on the clients skin type, for example; if a client has an oily skin type their skin already generates the natural oils needed to prevent the skin from drying out. If a client has particularly dry flaky skin I would maybe also use a light exfoliant followed by the moisturiser to make the skins surface subtle and easier to work with as products are less likely to go patchy and cling to the dry skin.


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