Yorkshire ScareGrounds


(Source of image – http://www.wakefieldwildcats.co.uk/news/last-chance-for-discounted-scare-ground-tickets/2011/10/)

Last October myself a few other class mates volunteered to do some work for an amazing Halloween event called Yorkshire Scare Grounds by FearMasters Entertainment. We were contacted through college to ask if we would like to be a part of this amazing event and we jumped at the chance! Once we arrived at the scare grounds we were directed into the make-up trailer to start working on the zombie’s that would be terrifying the zombie hunters that would be attending the event. AS we didn’t have a lot of time to complete each make-up we decided to team up in twos to speed up the process. I was working with Hannah Camsell Parker which was a lot of fun as we worked great together and managed to pull together some really cool zombie looks. Here is some pictures of the zombies we created..




For helping out with the make-up we each got a two free tickets to go walk round the woods to be scared senseless by all the zombies and other terrifying characters involved in the event. I thought I was going to be totally fine and not get too scared but I was soooo wrong! Even though I had just been speaking to the actors in the make-up trailer and knew they were all just normal people in make-up and costumes I still ran like crazy when they emerged from the woods and started chased us!

It was a fantastic night! I’m definitely going to go this year! I wouldn’t miss it!

Thanks for reading!

Katy x


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